Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice SPOILER FREE Review:

Let me just say this right out of the gate guys: the hype is real. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered this weekend, and one of the most
highly anticipated films of the years did not fail to live up to my expectations. While I’m a Marvel fan as well and don’t take sides, what I
enjoyed most about this film was that it felt more like a dark, gritty adult superhero tale, whereas the Marvel films feel more like an all ages,
mature yet more reliant on humor and charm, where as this film was artistic, deeply emotional and more character driven than humorous.

The film follows Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, otherwise known as the stars of the film, Batman and Superman. Caught on two ends of the spectrum,
Superman tries to use his abilities to help the people of the world, while Batman sees Superman as an all-powerful threat to humanity, and makes
it his job to expose the Kryptonian for the “fraud” he is. Unbeknownst to them, Lex Luthor hides in plain sight, guiding the heroes towards
a climatic battle between one another, while another threat grows without their knowledge.

Unlike a lot of the critics, I can’t find a single bad thing to say about this film. It was refreshing to see a more battle-hardened, experienced
and yet bitter Batman, played by the incredible Ben Affleck, who in my opinion is the best Batman to date. Henry Cavill continued to make his
presence as the ultimate Superman known in this movie as well, as well as giving fans a brief glimpse into the investigative journalist that is
Clark Kent. Amy Adams does a marvelous job of making a solid presence as well, her Lois Lane getting into the thick of the conflict and throwing
herself into danger not for Superman to save, but to save him instead, a refreshing change to the character from previous film iterations. Two
people who were cast and fans were wary about actually become two of the biggest characters in the film. Jesse Eisenberg brought the villainous,
creepy vibe as the sinister Lex Luthor, who’s power and devious mind made him an actual threat, while Gal Gadot proved her might as the powerful
Wonder Woman, an Amazonian warrior that fears no threat and manages to outwit Bruce Wayne himself on more than one occasion. Her star shined
brightly in this film, and is sure to become the iconic female inspiration that Wonder Woman was always meant to be.

Overall, this film was a true work of art. The cinematography was breathtaking, and it was nice to give the audience the benefit of the doubt
that we all know Bruce Wayne’s origin story by now, and told the story without taking a half-hour to go through the tragic set of circumstances.
The pacing was just right, and there was equal parts blockbuster action, and equal parts emotional and intense character driven plot. The film
also does a marvelous job of setting up the larger film universe, introducing future heroes like The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, while the
film’s plot teased the impending invasion of a certain evil villain, whom many DC Comics fans will recognize. While he is never glimpsed himself,
there are plenty of references to safely assume “he” is coming. With a somewhat shocking turn of events towards the end of the film, Batman v
Superman: Dawn of Justice is a brilliant film that should be seen over and over again. Make sure to head to theaters as soon as possible and see
the beginning film in what is sure to be a vast cinematic universe.

Film Score: 10/10

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