“Heat Wave”


I just want to start out this preview by saying, like a lot of you, I have been both a fan of New Girl and a fan of Nick and Jess for quite a while.  Having said that, the direction the show has been taking has worried me a little for some time now, and knowing that many of you feel the same way, I think I should be as honest as I can about this episode without giving too much away.  So let’s dive in.

Things get heated on tomorrow’s New Girl for the loft…and especially between Nick and Reagan.  There’s a heat wave going on and with no A/C to speak of, Nick and Reagan both try to provide the loft with the best air conditioning unit.  Of course neither of them can agree on who succeeded in doing that (no matter how obvious it is) so cue the tension. 

Meanwhile, Schmidt struggles in knowing the best way to support Cece who isn’t sure about going for the newscaster audition she’s been taking broadcasting lessons for.  So Winston decides to step in and teach Schmidt to use his “cop voice” to help her prepare.

Now, back to Nick and Reagan and the reason I started out my preview stating my worries. First, this is where I tell you I can’t give everything away, but we all have guessed where they would take this storyline and it seems to be progressing, and to me, personally, I’m not totally sure I enjoy it.  Suffice to say that the majority of New Girl’s fans probably will be on the same page as me, but I won’t speak for everyone. 

So let me leave you guys with this.  As a longtime New Girl fan, I won’t be giving up hope for Nick and Jess.  I’d like to think this is just a very minor speed bump and am choosing to enjoy all of the hilarity that occurs outside of this particular plotline. I still love every Schmidt and Cece moment and all of Winston’s great one-liners.  I even have enjoyed Megan Fox’s guest spot when I put aside the sexual tension they’ve created with her character and Nick.  I just think it’ll be great to have Jess back soon and get past her somewhat awkward absence.

So hopefully you guys don’t hate me for my honest preview, but check out the episode tomorrow and tell me what you think!

As always, you can send any questions you have my way and I’ll answer as long as they’re not too spoiler-y!

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