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The Killing of Mummy’s Boy by Joan Ellis Review:

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author and Booklover Catlady Publicity in return for a fair and honest review.
Many thanks!

A fresh new take on the thriller genre takes form in The Killing of Mummy’s Boy, an incredible novel written by Joan Ellis. Written to feel like
a classic, 1970’s era murder/mystery British film, the novel follows Sandra, a young woman who’s son Carl is in the Witness Protection Programme.
Aboard a train, she meets a stranger, who’s past is steeped in murder. Unknown to her at the time, she reports a missing card on the phone and
gives out her personal information for Ben, the murderer she meets on the train, to hear. With her son on the run after helping put local
gangster Lee Elliot behind bars for murder, Sandra finds herself alone and afraid as this mysterious murderer now knows her address, and so much
more. Soon she is in a hair-raising, high-stakes game of life and death as someone begins breaking into her home, and she begins to cross paths
with Ben in several unexpected ways.

The artful way this book is written gives tribute to the rich culture of England, from the streets of London to the isolated countryside. The
internal struggle of Sandra is heart-pounding and emotional as well, allowing the reader to empathize and feel the pain she suffers as the story
progresses. What really sets this story apart from others is the great attention to detail, whether it’s through the settings of the story to the
chaotic character exchanges or the twists and turns in the story itself. The Killing of Mummy’s Boy is a phenomenal hit thriller for author
Joan Ellis, and the exploration of moral integrity, right and wrong and the true meaning of family are expertly explored throughout the novel.
Pick up your copy of The Killing of Mummy’s Boy by Joan Ellis today!


Anthony Avina, (Born March 1990), is an author, a journalist, and a blogger. Born in Southern California, he has battled through injuries, disabilities, moves back and forth across the country, and more, yet still maintains a creative voice that he hopes to use not only to entertain but to inspire hope in even the darkest situations. He writes short stories and novels in several genres, and is also a seasoned journalist for the online magazine, On Request Magazine, as well as the popular site TheGamer. Having grown up reading the books of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, they inspired him to write new and exciting stories that delved into the minds of richly developed characters. He constantly tries to write stories that have never been told before, and to paint a picture in your mind while you are reading the book, as if you could see every scene of the book as if it were a movie you were watching. His stories will get your imaginations working, and will also show that in spite of the most despairing and horrific situations, hope is never out of reach. He am always writing, and so there will never be a shortage of new stories for your reading pleasure.

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