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The Importance of Dreaming

OK ladies and gents, its time for some life lessons. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of having dreams. I don’t mean the dreams you have when you are asleep. I’m talking about dreaming about the future. I’m talking about hope.

As I strive to achieve my goals of becoming a writer that can earn a sustainable living doing so, I think about the things I want to do in the future and use that as a means of motivation. It can be trivial things, like I dream of having year-long passes to Universal Studios and Disneyland. I dream about owning a PS4 and Xbox One. I dream about being able to go out on weekends to hang out with people.

It can be big things too. I dream about moving to my own place either in or near Los Angeles. I dream of having my books adapted into another medium, like a web series, television, or even a film or video game. I dream of finding love. I dream of meeting that special someone, and falling in love, finding that one person that gets you completely and understands what kind of person you are.

Whether your dreams are big or small in the grand scheme of things, they are all equally important, because dreams are what keep us going. They give us the drive to go forward in life. They help keep us motivated and strong. Dreams are a vital part of what makes us human, for dreams are what keeps hope alive, and hope is what keeps us going every day. So don’t forget guys, no matter what it is, always keep your dreams at the forefront of your mind.

What is the importance of dreams to you?

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo is on!

I’m in the thick of it guys. I’ve written another 2,000 or so words so far today, bringing up my total word count for NaNoWriMo to 5269. I’m going to write a bit more later tonight but for now I gotta do some marketing for my other books I recently published.

Michael Jackson – Will You Be There (Boyce Avenue acoustic/piano cover) on iTunes‬ & Spotify

Just wanted to post this video because this is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. I first heard it as a kid when I was watching one of my favorite movies, Free Willy. I loved the characters, the story, and the amazing connection shared between the great whale and the young boy. It was amazing, (and as a side note, it was way better than the unfortunate film Dolphin Tale and its sequel that the current generation of children have watched). This song is so beautiful and well sung, and it is one of those staples of not only my childhood but of the 90’s in general.

I also put this song up tonight because Boyce Avenue, one of my favorite bands, covered the song so well, and while they made it their own they also managed to capture the essence of the original track. I hope you guys can not only see why this song is one of my favorites and an inspiration to me creatively, but can be inspired yourselves as well.

Michael Jackson – Will You Be There (Boyce Avenue acoustic/piano cover) on iTunes‬ & Spotify


My Halloween Week!
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