The Strain Season 1 Episode 9 “The Disappeared” Preview

The fight against the vampiric virus spreading across Manhattan hits close to home on this Sunday’s all new episode of The Strain. After suffering a tragic loss in last week’s episode, the group decides to head to Eph’s home in search of his ex-wife and son, only to discover that his wife is missing and his son is alone. As all hell breaks loose within the city, Eph and Nora look for any sign of his wife while the rest of the group looks for answers to where The Master is and how they can stop him. The episode is full of action, horror, suspense, fantastic character development and further insight into Setrakian’s past during WWII and his first encounter with The Master. This episode continues to build onto the roller coaster ride that FX’s new hit horror drama has been building up to since the first episode, and it is clear to see how this drama could already have gotten a second season order. This show showcases vampires in a way that’s never been done before, and is truly a must watch television show. Tune in this Sunday for The Strain, only on FX!

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