The Strain Episode 8 “Creatures of the Night” Review

All hell broke loose on The Strain, FX’s hit horror series, as night descended on Manhattan and the infection spread further among the populace.

After their battle with Thomas Elchorst, (the former nazi turned vampire helping The Master to spread the vampire contagion), in the subway station, Setrakian, Eph, Nora and Jim learn that ultraviolet light is deadly to the creatures, and go to Brooklyn in search for special ultraviolet flashlights to use as weapons.

Upon arriving at the location of the lights, the group meets city exterminator Vasilly Fet, who is also in search of the lights. Seeking supplies in a local gas station, the group and the other occupants of the station come under attack by a horde of vampires.

The hour features heart pounding suspense as the survivors must find a way to get out of the gas station alive and survive until sunrise. Full of terror, twists and turns, and a shocking end to one of the survivors that provides an emotionally charged push for the rest of the group, showcasing once more why The Strain is one of this years strongest freshman shows. Stay tuned for a preview of the next episode of The Strain, here for On Request Magazine!

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