Gang Related “Melandros” Season Finale Preview

In an intense and incredibly bloody season finale, Gang Related showcases it’s incredible story telling and character development in this last
episode of the season. Following the shocking final moments of last week’s episode, Chapel leads his team down to Mexico in order to find the man
responsible for last week’s shocking death. With no law protecting them and no resources other than their own, the team takes extreme measures
to find the killer and risks their careers, their freedom, and their lives in order to get revenge. Meanwhile, Daniel takes further steps to
ensure his father’s safety and his family’s future by using his wedding as a meeting place for his father and gang leader Lavar to secure a truce
and peace in order to battle the Mexican cartel threatening to destroy the lives of everyone in Los Angeles. The harsh reality of the power and
resources of both the gangs and cartels is showcased artfully in this show, and the brutal nature of that violent world is blended perfectly with
amazing storytelling, fantastic character development, and rich plot twists that help further a rich tapestry of artistic storytelling. The show
also does a great job of showcasing how everyone has a secret, and not even the good guys are truly good, but often deal with a darkness within
themselves in order to do their job. The action and drama keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way till the final moments of the episode,
and we here at On Request Magazine hope that the show quickly gets renewed for a second season, for this finale was truly one of the most
explosive finales of the summer. Make sure to watch the finale tonight, at 9/8 central on FOX!


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