marvelentertainment: Avengers comics writer Brian Michael Bendis (creator of the Maria Hill character) and Cobie Smulders (who plays Agent Hill in the films) meet for the first time at the #MarvelSDCC booth!

marvelentertainment: Then this happened. 

Godzilla Sequel and Three New Monsters Announced

Also at the Legendary Pictures panel, it was announced that not only would there be at least a sequel if not multiple sequels to the Godzilla film by Garreth Edwards, but three monsters were announced to appear in the films. A teaser trailer showcased Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah with the tagline, “Let Them Fight”. The […]

Legendary Pictures Announces King Kong Prequel Skull Island

It was announced during Legendary Pictures panel at Comic Con 2014 that a prequel film to the King Kong franchise, titled Skull Island, would be hitting theaters November 4th, 2016. No director or talent is attached to the film yet, but a teaser showcased the island, with monkeys, dinosaurs, and the titular creature himself, King […]

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens up the Warner Bros. panel on Day 3 with a teaser of the titular heroes squaring off on a rooftop in Gotham. Batman is wearing armor much in the same style as the comics, The Dark Knight Returns, and uses the Bat Signal to highlight a floating Superman, […]

Comic Con 2014 Day 3

Day 3 of the biggest entertainment convention has arrived, and already some pretty big announcements have arrived. Look here for all the latest news, updates, pictures and more.

marvelentertainment: The Marvel’s “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” cast and crew after the Marvel TV panel at SDCC! Watch the recording on later today.