TV Breaking News: Shane Dawson TV show picked up by NBC

Great news for fans of one of YouTube’s biggest stars, Shane Dawson: the internet sensation is finally getting the recognition he so rightly deserves. NBC has picked up Dawson’s show called Losin’ It, a single camera workplace comedy about a weight loss center whose most successful client shares is inspiration and become a consultant at the weight loss center, only to inadvertently become the manager there by the end of the first day. With backing from The Big C creator Darlene Hunt and producer Will Gluck, this show has been a long time coming, and we here at On Request Magazine are proud of Shane Dawson for finally getting the recognition he deserves. We remember interviewing Shane years ago, when the magazine was originally Rock on Request Magazine and we were just getting started. He was funny, intelligent, and well spoken, and it’s great to see him getting to be as successful as we always knew he would be. Go check out his channels now and support this amazing entertainer.

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