Review: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

This past week, the highly anticipated game Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag was released in the U.S., and it was just as well done as the rest of the series. Full of lush, rich, and warm environments and an action-packed storyline filled with swashbuckling good times, this game is a true testament to the franchise.

Set as both a sequel and prequel to Assassins Creed III, the historical part of the game follows Edward Kenway, a pirate who is thrown into the secret war between the Templars and the Assassins. A man fueled by greed and a heart built for adventure, Edward lives and breaths the life of a pirate, looting cargo ships and towns for plunder and killing anyone who gets in his way. When he gets pulled into the life of the Assassins and Templars, Edward holds no allegiances other than his own, sticking to the pirate code.

The big improvements on this new entry in the series are very noticeable. First off, the naval system is by far the biggest improvement from Assassins Creed III. The improved firing system and the amazing weather mechanics that impact the steering of the ship make for some fun pirate adventures. This, along with the seamless transition between sailing and going onto land is wonderful, and then new ability to board an enemy ship is so much fun. You can also fire up to four guns in a row, unleashing all sorts of combinations while in combat. The warm environments of the Caribbean are beautiful to look at as well.

This, combined with the unique modern day tale that follows a researcher at Abstergo Industries Entertainment section, which allows you to find clues to the impact Desmond’s actions at the end of Assassins Creed III, this game is a must have this holiday season. Ubisoft once again unleashes a monster hit on the world, and we here at On Request Magazine give this game a 10/10. We look forward to seeing more from this amazing franchise.

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