Nintendo Updates

The weekend brought us here at On Request Magazine some new updates from Nintendo. Here is the latest from the hit video game company.

First off, it was announced that a new Wii U bundle would be making it’s way to store shelves. Featuring the hit video game from Activision Publishing Skylanders SWAP Force, the new bundle is set to launch on November 15th for the price of $299.99 and will include the game and all assortments needed to play the game, including:

              A white Wii U system

              Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack, including software, a Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures, including Ninja Stealth Elf and two SWAP Force characters, Blast-Zone and an exclusive color shift Washbuckler, a collector poster, trading cards, sticker sheets, and a Nintendo Land game disc.

Also, Nintendo announced that Wii U owners  who own a Wii Balance Board accessory and have access to the internet would be able to download a free trail version of Wii Fit U. It will not be an abbreviated version of the game, but rather the full Wii Fit U game. It will be available for purchase between November 1st and January 31st, 2014. You will also be able to keep the game forever with the purchase of a Fit Meter accessory, which syncs to the game.

Those are the headlines from this weekend. We will continue to keep you updated as we get more news.

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