Review: Batman Arkham Origins Mobile Game

With only two days left until the release of the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Origins, we here at On Request Magazine thought we’d take this opportunity to review the recently released IOS and Android game Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile Game.

The game is a simple brawler game, but it sure has some great action and wonderful graphics for mobile devices. The game follows a younger Batman as he faces down an array of assassins from the console game coming up, such as Deathstroke, Deadshot, Firefly, Cooperhead, and Bane. The game follows the same outline as Batman Arkham City: Lockdown, where instead of exploring the city of Gotham in an open-world setting, the city is divided into four sections, and you fight different battles in each section until you face the boss of that specific section.

The game is a lot of fun, and the simple control system and tie-in to the story is simply wonderful. With the IOS and Android game free to play, this game is a must have, and it’s so fun. Check it out now and be ready to play the story driven, free-roaming game Batman: Arkham Origins this Friday.

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