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Out of the blue, the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly greets us with a brand new interview with Series Director Tetsuya Nomura. He takes the opportunity to relay some more information regarding the two recently announced and most anticipated titles in the series, Kingdom Hearts 3 and HD 2.5 ReMix.

Although the scans have yet to surface, various members of the community have begun posting the important bits and pieces. Zephyr has translated them below. We’ll update this post as more information surfaces.

Tetsuya Nomura:

“These attractions, which is currrently in development, are the evolution of KH3D’s Flowmotion and they can be selected according to particular enemies. These are a small portion of these new elements." 

"In Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora learns three new abilities. Two of which are special abilities and one that changes the Keyblade. It has the motif of Disney attractions, the Keyblade changes different depending which Keyblade is equipped, and the special abilities, evolved from KH3D’s flowmotion, are activated depending which enemy it is.”

We are working diligently to brush up 2.5 much more than 1.5.”

“The trailer we showed of Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t its true quality and we will continue to update it. Sora has three new skills and they are categorized into two parts: Changing the Keyblade’s form and abilities that reflect attractions. The Keyblade style changes according to the Keyblade equipped.”

Source: aibo_ac7 | zaregoto_od3 | remoon


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