TV Show Reviews: Fall Update

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since we were on here reviewing the latest TV shows, but we are back and we are here to stay, so without further adieu, let’s take a look at the Fall TV Lineup with a quick word on each show.

Arrow: Season 2 premiered with a bang, showcasing the deterioration of Starling City after the events of the season finale, and showed a new path for Oliver as he begins his transition from vigilante killer to bonafide hero. Bonds between Oliver and his friends and family are both strengthened and broken as each character shows how they were affected by the earthquake that destroyed the Glades, and Oliver must find a way to not only save his family’s company, but his family as well.

Supernatural: Season 9 finds the brothers in trouble once more, as all of the angels in heaven have been booted and have fallen to Earth, and the demon Abbadon has risen from Hell and pronounced herself queen of hell. To make matters worse, Sam slipped into a coma and Dean had to help save him by having the angel Ezekiel bond to his body, healing both the angel and Sam, but Sam cannot know about it, otherwise he could reject Ezekiel and die.

The Tomorrow People: The new superhero drama follows a young man who believes himself to be crazy after he begins waking up in neighbors beds and he begins hearing a woman’s voice. However, he soon learns that he has inherited the same gene as his father, who left his family when he was just a boy. He has superpowers, and has found himself in the war between mutated people and a government agency looking to lock people  with powers up or kill them. Lots of drama, action, and a great storyline with strained family relationships.

Sons of Anarchy: The sixth season of the show finds Jax Teller struggling to keep his club and his family afloat. With Tara facing conspiracy murder charges and a former U.S. Marshall with plans for revenge breathing down their necks, SAMCRO tries to establish legitimate businesses and back away from guns after a school shooting where a child used a gun sold by the club. However, this proves difficult as the IRA has not intention of letting the club go without serious ramifications. Great story this season, with lots of action and a heavy emphasis on the moral balance of good and evil while Jax struggles to maintain his sanity while at the head of the table.

American Horror Story Coven: The third season of the show focuses on New Orleans and the inside look at witches. When a young girl learns that she is a witch and is sent away to a witch boarding school, she comes into contact with the seedy underworld of witchcraft, with an assortment of girls with various abilities and problems, and a Supreme witch, (Jessica Lange), who struggles with drug addiction and a need to retain her youth and beauty. With memorable performances like Kathy Bates as a racist witch from the 1800’s to Sarah Paulson as the daughter of Jessica Lange and the head of the school, this season looks to be darker, edgier, and more mystical than ever before.

That’s it for now. Look here for our highlights of the week and more entertainment news as it comes.

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