Breaking Bad: WTF?!

OK people, big time spoilers for Breaking Bad, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, look away now!

OK, still there? OK, here we go.

Picking up where last week left off, the shootout between the Nazis and Hank and Gomez has left Gomez shot dead, and Hank shot in the leg. He tries to go for another gun, but is stopped and held at gunpoint by the Nazis. Walt rushes to the scene, pleading with them to spare Hank, even going so far as to give up his $80 million dollars, but Hank tells Walt that they already made up their minds, and Hank is shot and killed in front of Walt, pushing Walt over the edge completely.

After watching Hank get murdered, he sees that Jesse is hiding under one of the cars, and blaming him for Hank’s death, Walt rats him out to the Nazi thugs, wanting Jesse to die. When Todd asks to spare Jesse long enough to see what he told the DEA, Walt goes up to Jesse, and finally admits that he watched Jane die, and refused to save her, twisting the knife in Jesse’s back further. Jesse, however, is not killed, but instead tortured by the evil Todd, and then is forced to become Todd’s new meth cook, chained up in the lab like a dog to a pulley system, which is a fate worse than death for Jesse, who had accepted his impending death.

After the death of Hank, the Nazis leave Walt $11 million of his original $80 million, and Walt makes one last ditch effort to flee with his family and start over. However, after Hank’s call to Marie before the shootout, Marie comes to Skylar to tell her that Walt’s been arrested, and that she needs to tell Walter Jr. the truth about his dad. Skylar reluctantly agrees, and Junior is not to happy, refusing to believe it could be true. However, when they get home, they find Walt packing bags and loading them into a truck with the barrel of money. Skylar and Junior confront Walt, demanding to know what happened, and that’s when Skylar realizes that Hank is dead, and Walt is to blame. Finally at her end, she grabs a knife and slashes Walt’s hand, telling him to get out of the house and away from the kids. After wrestling her to the ground and getting the knife away, Junior jumps on Walt’s back and throws him off, defending his mom and realizing his dad is not his real dad any more.

As Junior calls 911, Walt leaves in the confusion, but takes his infant daughter with him, leading to a kidnapping situation. Walter calls later on in the episode, furious with Skylar and blaming her for everything. The last speech he gives to Skylar really showcases the struggling personalities of family man Walt and drug kingpin Heisenberg, and Walt takes credit for Hank’s death, telling Skylar not to cross him, despite it being a lie. In the end, Walt leaves his daughter at a fire station, and flees with his belongings, taking his money and bags and leaving with his attorney Saul Goodman’s Witness Protection guy.

The episode was just one shock after another, and was like a really bad car accident that causes traffic. You don’t want anyone to be hurt, but you can’t help looking at the accident when you drive by. This episode saw Walt’s more personal defeat yet, having to watch his own brother-in-law get gunned down as a result of his actions. He finally turns on Jesse and gives up on him, and in the ensuing chaos, he loses his family forever, revealing his secret to the world and making him a known criminal. The epic struggle between Walt’s love for his family and caring nature mixed with Heisenberg’s ruthlessness and rampage is so addicting to watch, and there’s still one part of you that wants things to work out for Walt, although you know it can never be. Walter White sold his soul to save his family, but in the end he ended up burning down his family, making everything he’s done pointless. With nothing left to loose, what will happen to Walt, and how will this groundbreaking show finally end? Two episodes remain …

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