Today’s Headlines from On Request Magazine

Here are today’s headlines in the world of entertainment.

1. AMC goes ahead with “Better Call Saul”: The hit series Breaking Bad is only three episodes away from the series finale, but AMC is not giving up on the world created by Vince Gilligan just yet. Plans are going forward to create a prequel series based on fan favorite character Saul Goodman, Walter White’s lawyer who’s humor and comedic banter have been a staple of the show for years now. The one hour drama will focus on the days before Heisenberg showed up in Saul’s life, and we cannot wait to see how this lovable character is developed.

2. Kim Raver eyes return as Audrey Raines for 24: With the hit series 24 coming back for a limited run next year, fans are looking to see which characters, (those that survived that is), will be making a return to the world of Jack Bauer. Today, news came in that Kim Raver, who played the lovely Audrey Raines, is looking to make a comeback after her character was left in a vegetative state in season 6 of the show. Who else could possibly make a comeback? A reformed Tony Almeda?

3. Bioware gives update on Mass Effect 4: It was announced months ago that production began on the next title of the hit video game series Mass Effect, and recently some of the people involved in the title have been tweeting about the progress of the project, and it has been quite eye opening. While it’s been confirmed that main character Commander Shepard will not be the focal point of the story, fans are hoping that one of the other characters introduced in the series, (Garrus, Aria, Liara), would be amazing.

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