Big News for DC Fans today!

The world of DC Comics had some big news for both television and film today. The biggest news by far had to be the official announcement of Warner Bros new Batman being cast. None other than Ben Affleck himself has been cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. This fantastic actor being cast to face off against Henry Cavil is amazing, and we cannot wait to hear what else develops in this project. The DC Universe is looking even more bad-ass and cool by the second, and we think Ben is just the guy to bring to life Bruce Wayne in this new cinematic universe.

In television news, the hit series Arrow, (which we hope will be integrated into the larger DC Universe so that we can see Stephen Amell fight alongside Affleck and Cavil), the big bad of the second season has been cast, and it’s none other than Abu Nazir himself from Homeland. That’s right, Navid Negahban has been cast as Al-Owal, a mysterious villain who has ties to both Malcolm and the infamous League of Assassins. Could this bring another connection to the Batman universe and the DC Universe as a whole? With introductions for The Flash, Black Canary, and more planned for the second season and the tagline for the second season reading City of Heroes, hopefully we’ll see more developments to come. Overall, this has been a great day for DC comics fans.

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