MyMusic Season 2 Premiere Review

Today on YouTube, the infamous Fine Bros premiered the first episode of season 2 of the hit web series, MyMusic. Showcasing a new, sleek look with the familiar cast of loveable characters, the show gave loyal fans a whole new level of interactive goodness.

Taking place in the documentary series six months after the first season, the crew at MyMusic have moved into new offices, with the premiere episode showcasing the new space with a tour by Idol in her usual pop flare and hilarious spunk. We find most of the group having returned to normal, with Metal dealing with a pregnant wife and Hip Hop embracing his inner nerd. The end of the premiere episode brought to fans a new cast member, Country, Idol’s cousin, who shares Idols enthusiasm and glamorous sense of style.

The production value of the show is still top notch, with amazing comedic timing and a wonderful story that proves to draw us in over and over again. The addition of a video podcast to the interactive side of the series looks to enhance the MyMusic experience, and we here at On Request Magazine look forward to seeing the season progress in the months to come.

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