The Wolverine Review

With the summer blockbuster season nearing its end in the weeks ahead, one of the last superhero films of the Summer 2013 season is The Wolverine. The sixth film to feature the most popular X-man of all time, Hugh Jackman pops the adamantium claws once again in the most action-packed and intimate story yet. Set years after the events of the third X-men film, Wolverine is living in the wildnerness, shunning society and living off the land after struggling with the memory of having to kill the woman he loves, Jean, (Famke Janssen). When a mysterious woman named Yukio comes to Logan and asks him to return to Japan with her to visit an old friend whom Wolverine had saved during WWII in Japan, Logan obliges, and begins one of the most classic and beloved tales of the Wolverine comics to date.

This story has what some of the other X-Men films have yet to touch on yet. We get a glimpse into the mindset of Logan, and the tragic story surrounding him. Viewers got a glimpse into Logan’s mindset, and the hard decisions he’s had to make affecting his current state of mind. The special effects are amazing, and yet the films setting and characters really took the spotlight in this film. The number of female characters essential to the storyline is far greater in this film than in past X-Men films, and really helps strengthen Wolverine’s character as a whole. The love story between Logan and Mariko, the young woman set to inherit an empire who is targeted by deadly enemies, is a great thing to see come to life, and the great twist ending and post credits scene which ensures to set up the next X-Men film, X-Men: Days of Futures Past, really makes this film something special and worth seeing.

Overall, we here at On Request Magazine give this film a 10/10, because it not only builds upon the stories of past films, but does a fantastic job of delving into the mindset and heart of Logan, a.k.a. The Wolverine, and we sure hope to see Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine for years and years to come, because no one else could portray this character with the same passion and dedication as he can.

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