Showtime Sunday’s Abscence

Sorry for the long absence of Showtime Sunday’s guys. Our schedules here at On Request Magazine have been chaotic as of late, and keeping up with Showtime’s Dexter and new hit drama Ray Donavon have been difficult. Let me give you a run-down on what’s been happening thus far, and then hopefully we’ll be able […]

alyhatesyou: #flashbackfriday With my Bear when he was just a puppy. Miss you, bud. Cc: @gunslingerpimp

Comic-Con Recap

Well everyone, this weekend was the most popular convention this year, Comic-Con 2013. This year was filled to the brim with exciting news in various entertainment outlets, including film, television, gaming, and of course, comics. Here are the biggest highlights from the convention. Television: Some big announcements came to the convention for fan favorite shows. […]

Kingdom Hearts 3/Marvel/Starwars teamup?

I just have to say, in my personal opinion, i would love to see some of the Marvel or Lucasfilm franchises enter into the Kingdom Hearts saga with Kingdom Hearts 3. I think a cool world where the Avengers, with Sora and CO., must battle Loki or some other foe and their heartless army would […]

Man of Steel Review

Today, we here at On Request magazine were able to finally see the highly successful Man of Steel film. I have personally always been a fan of the original Superman film with Christopher Reeve, even with its comic plot and characters, and I never expected to find a modern day Superman film that would outshine […]