On Request Magazine Hot 100 Women List

In the past few months, various magazines and websites have released their versions of the most beautiful women in the world. Some have had some pretty great choices, (FHM’s Mila Kunis at #1), while others have picked some not so great choices, (Maxim picking MIley Cyrus). With all these lists coming out, I thought it only appropriate to release the first annual On Request Magazine Hot 100 Women list.

These women are celebrated not just for looks alone, but for the accomplishments they have achieved this year and their amazing talent and contributions to our society. We will provide a description for the top ten women here, and then provide the rest of our list here. These women may be ranked, but their beauty knows no rank, and each has earned our respect in their respective fields. They are beautiful, funny, smart, and incredibly entertaining, and with that, we give you our Hot 100 Women List.

1. Emmy Rossum: Picked for our top choice for the On Request Magazine Hot 100 List, this stunning woman has done so much this year. Besides staring on Showtime’s hit series Shameless as Fiona, a young woman tasked with the care of her brothers and sisters and dealing with her alcoholic father. Emmy Rossum also released a stellar self-produced album titled Sentimental Journey, which showcased her powerful vocals and her clear cut passion for big band, swing, and bluesy type of music, which adds so much to her attractiveness. Always precise, intelligent, and kind when appearing to the public, Emmy Rossum is the most beautiful woman in the world as far as we are concerned, which is why she takes the top honors in this year’s list.

2. Stana Katic: As one of the stars of ABC’s hit series Castle, Stana Katic delivers a strong performance as Detective Kate Beckett, giving fans some great emotional scenes mixed along with the great dynamic with Nathan Fillion’s Castle. On top of the show, Stana can also be heard in the new animated film, Superman: Unbound, starring as the voice of legendary character Lois Lane. This rendition as the famed ace reporter and Superman love interest only serves to increase her beauty, showcasing her passion for the comic book world, (having voiced Talia al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City). Her performances this year have been great, and we are looking forward to a sixth season of Castle later this year.

3. Jennifer Lawrence:Starring in such films as The Hunger Games, House at the End of the Street, and Silver Linings Playbook, the Oscar winning actress is so regal and beautiful that her performances only enhance her beauty. Add this to her positive attitude in the media and her reinforcement that women don’t need to be stick thin and embraces curvieness on a woman, Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous beyond description, and we look forward to her future project, including the Hunger Games sequel.

4. Katharine McPhee: Star of NBC’s Smash, (which was so unfairly canceled before its time), the powerful singer/actress is a vision of beauty. Whether its her award winning smile, her sweet nature type of attitude, or her sensational voice that when accompanied by the likes of Megan Hilty or Jeremy Jordan on Smash, Katharine McPhee is beautiful beyond recognition, and truly an amazing woman. Working on her new album now, we here at On Request Magazine look forward to seeing and hearing what McPhee will do next.

5. Mila Kunis: Tackling a crucial role in Oz the Great and the Powerful and giving voice to one of televisions most beloved and crapped on animated characters is no small task, but this year, Mila Kunis did just that, portraying one of three witches in Oz and lending her voice once again to Fox’s hit animated show, Family Guy, as daughter Meg. Sporting the exotic, smoky eyed beauty that is rare these days, Mila Kunis is a funny, smart, and talented beauty who deserves the love and respect of fans everywhere.

6. Emma Stone: One of the sexiest and funniest women out there, Emma Stone is a powerhouse actress/comedian in the entertainment industry today. This year alone, she starred in the hit action/drama Gangster Squad as Mickey Cohen’s reluctant flame and Ryan Gosling’s love interest, and she starred in the black comedy film Movie 43 with a large ensemble cast. Whether she’s sporting the blonde locks of The Amazing Spider-Man’s Gwen Stacey or the dark red curls of her Gangster Squad character, Emma Stone is beautiful, and an actress everyone loves to watch all the time.

7. Emilia Clarke: Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke plays fan favorite mother of dragons Khaleesi, and showcases her powerful presence on the show and as the wide-eyed beauty of a British sensation, and only just starting out as an actress and already gaining fame and success, we look forward to Emilia’s future in this amazing business.

8. Lucy Hale: Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale is absolutely stunning. As one of four powerful actresses who showcases her wide range of emotions and depths as an actress week in and week out on the show, Miss Hale is a must watch upcoming actress in this industry, whose beauty knows no bounds.

9. Ashley Benson: Another Pretty Little Liars star, Ashley Benson became a breakout star this year after starring in the James Franco and Selena Gomez film Spring Breakers. As one of four college girls who rob a gas station to get money for spring break, the actress showcased her adult side in this film and gave a great performance that most would not expect from her portrayal as fan favorite character Hannah on PLL, making her a must watch beauty this year.

10. Katie Cassidy: And finally, Katie Cassidy starred in one of this years most anticipated and most watched shows, Arrow, where she starred as Laurel Lance, Oliver Queen’s ex. Giving strong performances week in and week out as a strong attorney who goes after the scum of her city with a fiery sense of justice and who becomes a believer in the vigilante known as the Hood, Katie Cassidy had a breakout year this year, showcasing her beauty in both her looks and her talent. Managing to give such emotion in but a stare, this attractive actress is a must watch as season two of Arrow nears ahead this fall, and we look forward to seeing her develop hopefully into the hero known as Black Canary, which would only intensify her beauty even more.

11. Nina Dobrev                                                        
12. Alison Brie
13. Zooey Deschanel
14. Olivia Wilde
15. Scarlett Johansson
16. Anna Paquin
17. Summer Glau
18. Eliza Dushku
19. Adrianne Curry
20. Megan Goode
21. Natalie Zea
22. Phoebe Tonkin
23. Lyndsey Fonseca
24. Kate Upton
25. Adrianne Pallicki
26. Emily VanCamp
27. Sofia Vegara
28. Ashley Greene
29. Christina Hendricks
30. Zoe Saldana
31. Troian Bellisario
32. Sarah Hyland
33. Kristen Kruek
34. Shay Mitchell
35. Emily Bett Rickards
36. Kristen Bell
37. Elisha Cutheburt
38. Hayden Panettiere
39. Shakira
40. Taryn Southern
41. Yyvonne Strahovski
42. Kate Beckinsale
43. Claire Danes
44. Tricia Helfer
45. Emma Watson
46. Candace Accola
47. Jennifer Love Hewitt
48. Lilly Collins
49. Sarah Jean Underwood
50. Erica Durance
51. Vera Farminga
52. Mila Jovivich
53. Amanda Seyfried
54. Cobie Smulders
55. Megan Fox
56. Jenna Fischer
57. Kat Dennings
58. Maggie Grace
59. Candace Bailey
60. Olivia Munn
61. Felicia Day
62. Hayley Reinhart
63. Morena Baccarin
64. Justine Ezarik
65. Deborah Ann Woll
66. Malin Akerman
67. Maggie Q.
68. Grace Helbig
69. Blake Lively
70. Lisa Schwartz
71. Brit Robertson
72. Megan Hilty
73. Jennifer Morrison
74. Amber Heard
75. Danielle Fishel
76. Anna Silk
77. Jessica Biel
78. Shailene Woodley
79. Blake Lively
80. Natascha McElhone
81. Alice Eve
82. Olga Kay
83. Kelly Clarkson
84. Natalie Portman
85. Bree Essrig
86. Charisma Carpenter
87. Keri Russel
88. Anne Hathaway
89. Famke Janssen
90. Amy Adams
91. Lena Headey
92. Jessica Alba
93. Jennifer Carpenter
94. Jennifer Aniston
95. Sarah Shahi
96. Janina Gavankir
97. Hayley Williams
98. Rashida Jones
99. Dania Ramirez
100. Adele

Well there you have it, this years On Request Magazine Hot 100 Women List. Sound off and tell us what you think. Did you agree with the choices we made? Let us know….

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