Special Review: Family Guy Finale

One of FOX’s most well regarded animated comedies ended its eleventh season with an hour long special that poked fun at the highs and lows of Las Vegas, the wealthy vs. the poor, and even managed to poke fun at creator Seth McFarlane’s Oscar hosting job months earlier. The hilarity from the stars started after Brian won tickets to a Vegas show at a Gay Pride parade. Deciding to take Stewie with him, the two use Stewie’s time machine to transport themselves straight to Vegas, and instead create copies of themselves, one where they made it to Vegas in the teleporter, and one who stayed behind and had to take a flight to Vegas instead.

Each copy has different luck in Vegas. The ones who took the flight end up losing their hotel reservation, loose all their money, can’t get into the show, and loose a bet to loan sharks. The ones who are transported into Vegas get their hotel, win a ton of money, get into the show and are a part of it, and win even more money. Then the two groups inadvertently switch bags, and the unlucky ones get money, while the lucky ones are cornered by the loan sharks and with that, Stewie is shot and killed, and the unlucky Brian kills himself, ending the episode with the two survivors with the bag of money and a one way trip back to their home.

Also in the second part, Peter gets Stewie’s harmonica stuck in his butt, and goes on America’s Got Talent to perform with his harmonica farts. However, upon losing, on the flight back, Chris meets a girl, who turns out to be the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Rhode Island. When Peter inadvertently gets his rich father-in-law Carter kicked out of the country club and takes his place, Carter must find a way to get back in with the rich people who have begun making fun of him.

The hour long comedy was filled with laughs, action, and helped use its hilarity to do what it has become known for by showcasing a lot of societies problems and stupidity. The eleventh season ended on a high note, and we here at On Request Magazine cannot wait for the upcoming twelfth season.

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