Preview of the brand new Xbox One

This morning, Microsoft unveiled their next-generation console, titled Xbox One. The new state-of-the-art technology utilizes the best Microsoft has to offer and makes a great piece of tech that allows players to immerse themselves into the entertainment they seek. Here is a look at some of the big points in this mornings announcement:

1) Forget the whole changing input to go between your Xbox and television viewing. With just one phrase, “Xbox TV”, you can go straight to television without having to press a single button, and can even issue voice commands to change channels and view a guide of shows. You can also see what your Xbox friends and the entire Xbox community is watching on television.

2) The all new Xbox live menu is revolutionary. With the Kinect, you can be watching a movie one moment, and then with a simple grab motion with your hands, you can shrink the picture down to size and be instantly back in the main menu. You can also use a voice command to pull up a side bar and use internet explorer to explore whatever you wish while a movie, game, or etc is playing. The amount of time to switch between television, movies, games, and music and back to the main menu is also much faster, and keeps up with your own mindset.

3) The announcement of the brand new Halo TV show coming soon, with filmmaker Steven Spielberg taking the helm of the show and bringing the epic journey of Master Chief to the silver screen. Let’s just reflect on that for a second….Spielberg is making a Halo TV show!

4) The first look at the brand new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Ghosts. Using state of the art engines and the new Xbox One, you get the most realistic looking game in the franchise, utilizing motion capture to even get a realistic dog in the game by using a real seal team dog in a motion capture suit. Also get realistic settings and environments that reflect weather change, scars to body, and even shadows in sun while you are walking. This close to the presentation really showcased the amazing designs of the new Xbox console.

These announcements, along with stuff like live up to date NFL Fantasy league scores while watching Football live, state of the art sports games, and a first look at Forza 5 showcased the unlimited potential of the upcoming Xbox One, due out later this year. With E3 2013 coming soon, we cannot wait to see the 15 total games coming with the new console, which include eight new franchises. Look for more info as it comes….

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