Best Shows during Finale Season

Out of all of the awe-inspiring shows on television right now, the best of the best of the major networks is none other than the CW. Hosting a wide array of hit television shows, the network has produced some of the most action-packed, amazing character development, and surprise plot driven shows in the world. From vampires and werewolves to billionaire superheroes and secret spy organizations, the network knows how to pick great television and build fan bases that connect with the story and the characters of any given show.

First off, eighty percent of the shows current shows have officially been picked up, and some have even inspired spin-off shows for next year. Secondly, each show has given amazing content and well thought-out plots that entertain us all.

Each show has given fans something to talk about for weeks to come. Arrow, a show about a billionaire playboy who returns to his home after spending five years deserted on an island and vows to clean the streets of crime and corruption by utilizing his wealth and developed skills to become a vigilante, has built a well thought-out plot that has provided amazing twists and turns that no one could see coming, and even has created a unique love story that has your heart hoping for the best.

Supernatural, going on its ninth season next year, follows the famous Winchester brothers as they attempt to close the gates of Hell forever. Having to endure three trials, Sam and Dean fight demons, monsters, and even rogue angels in an attempt to save humanity from the creatures of the night. The emotion behind each brothers struggle to protect the innocent and save each other from impending doom and gloom is something to behold, and any fan of the show can attest to the amazing performances from the shows stars and combination of humor and horror that remind us all of the great show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Nikita is a great spy-thriller about a single woman who struggles to take down the corrupt black-ops teams, terrorists, and even some politicians and governments who threaten the peace of the world, all while trying to protect her friends and loved ones within her close circle. The action of the third season and the close examination of the relationships between Nikita and her crew as the evil Amanda tries to unravel our heroine is amazing, and no one can dispute the intense action and real-world grit and reality of the situations is something to behold, especially when the chase for the evil Amanda is close to its end.

The Vampire Diaries has given one of its best years to date, throwing leading lady Elena another curve ball by turning her into a vampire. Seeing her struggle with the change is unlike any we’ve seen with the other characters, as we’re able to get a first hand experience into the various changes, emotions, and trials of becoming one of the undead. Struggling with feelings for two different men hasn’t changed, but the drastic personality changes for Elena as she struggles to maintain her humanity while dealing with her deep emotional connections and have to continuously fight the Original family and a new foe named Silas, one of the deadliest immortals around, has been so character driven that it has even spawned a new series set in the same universe, based on the Originals, especially the enigmatic Klaus.

Beauty and the Beast is one of the surprise hits on the network, giving fans a unique love story and putting the classic character of the Beauty into a kick-ass cop who holds her own against a shadow group called Muirfield who experimented on soldier Vincent and turned him into a Beast. Having unique abilities that have put him on the run, the awesome plot of one woman’s struggle to find her mother’s killers and the subsequent conspiracy that she has become a part of and the love that has developed between Vincent and the Beauty, Cat, has given the hit show its niche, and is a must watch for fans of the CW.

Overall, the CW is the best network overall this season, giving great performances by fantastic actors and actresses, and some of the greatest stories told on television. While some of the amazing shows we all know and love are on different networks, only the CW has the great collection of shows that fans all over know and love all on one channel. With the finale week ahead of us, we here at On Request Magazine are proud to showcase this amazing network, and look forward to the new seasons of these hit shows and the new pilots next year.

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