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The real players of Westeroes on Game of Thrones

Whether your House Stark or House Lannister, everyone in the Seven Realms is fighting with one another right now, and most think that its a power struggle amongst the major houses for control of the kingdom, but if one were to really think about it, there are two men who run the show and hold the most power, and that is Lord Varys the Spider and Lord Petyr ‘Little Finger’ Baelish.

Both serving on the King’s council, Varys and Baelish have been seen moving the major families around and establishing themselves as the secret players of the game of thrones. Varys has been seen speaking in catacombs to mystery men about Daenerys Targaryen, and attempting to move Sansa Stark towards the House Tyrell faction. Meanwhile, Baelish has betrayed Ned Stark, which led to his execution and the beginning of the war. He has capitalized on the death of Renly Baratheon by arranging Margery Tyrell, Renly’s widow, to marry King Joffrey and lending the armies of the House Tyrell to the war against Stanis Baratheon, and ending the engagement between Sansa and Joffrey. He then became the Lord of Harrenhal, and arranged a marriage to Lady Catelyn Stark’s sister, Lissa Aryn, to become Lord Protector of the Vale, gaining enough power to run a portion of the Kingdom if he desired.

Like most adversaries, Baelish represents the evil, maniacal side of the fight, despite his reputation of showcasing a likeable personality to his clients and King, while the man of secrets and spies, Varys, is in his own way trying to secure the Kingdom in the right hands and serving the light, although his methods and actions might not represent that at times. And to add onto that, the Kingdom is faced with two supernatural forces that threaten to bring an even greater war to the realm.

Above the Wall, the White Walkers are coming with their icy grips and zombie like resurrection skills to take over the realm. They cannot be killed by normal means, and can only die by fire and dragon glass. Meanwhile, dragons have been reborn by Kahleesi, and are born of fire and brimstone. Can these two forces, one ice and one fire, be heading into direct conflict? The only thing that can kill a White Walker is fire and dragon glass, and dragons are alive once more, making the two forces natural enemies. Does Varys know this, or does he have his own reasons for bringing Kahleesi to Westeroes? Only time will tell as the third season winds down….

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Preview of the brand new Xbox One

This morning, Microsoft unveiled their next-generation console, titled Xbox One. The new state-of-the-art technology utilizes the best Microsoft has to offer and makes a great piece of tech that allows players to immerse themselves into the entertainment they seek. Here is a look at some of the big points in this mornings announcement:

1) Forget the whole changing input to go between your Xbox and television viewing. With just one phrase, “Xbox TV”, you can go straight to television without having to press a single button, and can even issue voice commands to change channels and view a guide of shows. You can also see what your Xbox friends and the entire Xbox community is watching on television.

2) The all new Xbox live menu is revolutionary. With the Kinect, you can be watching a movie one moment, and then with a simple grab motion with your hands, you can shrink the picture down to size and be instantly back in the main menu. You can also use a voice command to pull up a side bar and use internet explorer to explore whatever you wish while a movie, game, or etc is playing. The amount of time to switch between television, movies, games, and music and back to the main menu is also much faster, and keeps up with your own mindset.

3) The announcement of the brand new Halo TV show coming soon, with filmmaker Steven Spielberg taking the helm of the show and bringing the epic journey of Master Chief to the silver screen. Let’s just reflect on that for a second….Spielberg is making a Halo TV show!

4) The first look at the brand new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Ghosts. Using state of the art engines and the new Xbox One, you get the most realistic looking game in the franchise, utilizing motion capture to even get a realistic dog in the game by using a real seal team dog in a motion capture suit. Also get realistic settings and environments that reflect weather change, scars to body, and even shadows in sun while you are walking. This close to the presentation really showcased the amazing designs of the new Xbox console.

These announcements, along with stuff like live up to date NFL Fantasy league scores while watching Football live, state of the art sports games, and a first look at Forza 5 showcased the unlimited potential of the upcoming Xbox One, due out later this year. With E3 2013 coming soon, we cannot wait to see the 15 total games coming with the new console, which include eight new franchises. Look for more info as it comes….

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Special Review: Family Guy Finale

One of FOX’s most well regarded animated comedies ended its eleventh season with an hour long special that poked fun at the highs and lows of Las Vegas, the wealthy vs. the poor, and even managed to poke fun at creator Seth McFarlane’s Oscar hosting job months earlier. The hilarity from the stars started after Brian won tickets to a Vegas show at a Gay Pride parade. Deciding to take Stewie with him, the two use Stewie’s time machine to transport themselves straight to Vegas, and instead create copies of themselves, one where they made it to Vegas in the teleporter, and one who stayed behind and had to take a flight to Vegas instead.

Each copy has different luck in Vegas. The ones who took the flight end up losing their hotel reservation, loose all their money, can’t get into the show, and loose a bet to loan sharks. The ones who are transported into Vegas get their hotel, win a ton of money, get into the show and are a part of it, and win even more money. Then the two groups inadvertently switch bags, and the unlucky ones get money, while the lucky ones are cornered by the loan sharks and with that, Stewie is shot and killed, and the unlucky Brian kills himself, ending the episode with the two survivors with the bag of money and a one way trip back to their home.

Also in the second part, Peter gets Stewie’s harmonica stuck in his butt, and goes on America’s Got Talent to perform with his harmonica farts. However, upon losing, on the flight back, Chris meets a girl, who turns out to be the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in Rhode Island. When Peter inadvertently gets his rich father-in-law Carter kicked out of the country club and takes his place, Carter must find a way to get back in with the rich people who have begun making fun of him.

The hour long comedy was filled with laughs, action, and helped use its hilarity to do what it has become known for by showcasing a lot of societies problems and stupidity. The eleventh season ended on a high note, and we here at On Request Magazine cannot wait for the upcoming twelfth season.

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Finale Week Wrap-Up: The CW

Fair warning to you all upfront: If you haven’t seen any of your favorite finales on the CW network, don’t read further on. These reviews will have spoilerish stuff in them……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………OK still here? OK then, read on loyal readers.

Arrow: One of the seasons brightest new shows ended its first season with a bang, literally. After being captured by the nefarious Dark Archer, a.k.a. Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver must find a way to escape and don his vigilante persona in order to stop Malcolm from destroying the area of his home of Starling City known as the Glades. Upon escaping, Oliver enlists the help of his Detective Lance, Laurels father, upon learning that he has taken his friend and team-member Felicity into custody for questioning on the vigilante. Throughout the episode, we see Oliver and Laurel finally get to a place in their lives where they are interested in a committed relationship. We also see Tommy spiral out of control upon learning the woman he loves is back with his best friend, and his hatred for Oliver grows.

This all leads to the hour of the attack, when Oliver and Diggle go after Malcolm after his mother, Moira, holds a press conference telling the world about the work her husband, Malcolm, and herself along with others did to attempt to destroy the Glades, making Merlyn a police target and Moira being taken into custody in front of Thea, her daughter. While Oliver and Diggle fight the Dark Archer, Felicity helps Detective Lance find the device that will create an earthquake within the Glades and level it, and with only a few seconds left, they both are able to disable it.

Meanwhile, after a bloody battle with Malcolm, an injured Diggle and Oliver manage to overpower the Dark Archer when Oliver drives an arrow through himself and back into Malcolm, who was holding Oliver. Managing to survive the encounter, Oliver learns too late that there was a second device, and watches as part of the Glades begins to collapse and explode. With Malcolm dead and Diggle alive, he runs off to find Laurel, who is trapped in her office under a piece of rubble. Before he gets there however, Tommy arrives, saving Laurel and getting her outside to her father. Before he makes it out however, the building collapses, and when Oliver arrives, he finds a dying Tommy, a piece of pipe sticking out of his chest. Giving the most emotional performance of the season, Stephen Amell a.k.a. Oliver Queen tears up as his friend slips away in his arms, leaving him in the rubble of one of many buildings destroyed in the attack.

This last episode was filled with heartache, action, and drama unlike any we’ve seen this season, which was already epic as a whole. Combine this drama with the conclusion to the first story arch of Oliver’s time on the island, and a shocking death that changes the landscape of the next season for many of the characters, this freshman drama was a must see during finale week, and is our top choice for best finale. Although there was some steep competition for that title.

Supernatural: The veteran paranormal show finds the heroes Sam and Dean Winchester on the verge of closing the gates of hell forever. With the task of curing a demon standing as Sam’s last trial, the brothers manage to capture the King of Hell and longtime villain, Crowley. While dealing with the grueling process of curing the demon, Dean must help angel friend Castiel find the last trial to close the gates of heaven for good, which Cass hopes will force the angels to come together and work out their differences and leave humanity alone for good.

The hour long finale takes us through some interesting and fantastic turns, from an ancient demon named Abaddon trying to kill Crowley and Sam and become the new King of Hell, to Dean learning from seemingly evil archangel Naomi that the lost angel on Earth they thought was an ally, Metatron, was actually up to nefarious means, the brothers found themselves in yet another cosmic battle. Learning from Naomi that Sam will die from the final trial, Dean leaves after Cass goes to heaven.

Upon arriving in heaven, Cass is captured by a freed Metatron, who informs Cass that the trial was never for closing the gates of heaven exactly. Taking his angel essence and leaving him powerless, Metatron sent Cass back to earth. Dean, meanwhile, arrives at the place he left Sam and Crowley, and manages to stop Sam from completing the trial, revealing one of the most emotional, heart-stopping scenes from the brothers as Sam reveals he confessed his sins before performing the last trial, and that his greatest sin was constantly disappointing Dean and failing him. Dean, heartbroken, tells Sam he loves him, and that he is proud of him, allowing Sam to stop the trial. However, upon stopping, he is consumed with pain and agony, and Dean drags Sam outside, only to find the most haunting image in the sky. Looking up, they and a human Cass see all of heavens angel’s being cast out of heaven, falling to earth and loosing their wings in the process. With the angels falling all over the planet, the ramifications remain unknown to the brothers as Sam remains in pain and Dean looks up in stunned silence, and that is how it all ends until next season.

Filled with heart-wrenching scenes and action that allows the show to live up to its well-established name, this eighth season ended in one of the more shocking and surprising twists on the show, and will have many fans speculating well into the summer and close to the premiere of the upcoming ninth season. A great performance from stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, a.k.a. Sam and Dean Winchester.

The Vampire Diaries: The fourth season of the hit supernatural teen drama found Elena and company faced with a town filled with the reanimated spirits of their loved ones and enemies both. Unbeknownst to everyone else, local witch and friend to all Bonnie is now dead after attempting to keep Elena’s brother Jeremy alive after bring the veil between the land of the living and the land of the dead back up. With the group’s high school graduation at hand and Elena’s emotions back in hand, everyone tries to survive the graduation process while dodging angry spirits. After being shot by a returned vampire hunter with werewolf venom laden bullets, Damon resolves to get Elena the cure and finish with the mummified and stone villain Silas once and for all.

Upon learning this however, Elena and company manage to get longtime enemy and sometimes friend Klaus to get to the graduation ceremony, (just in time to kill some of the hybrids and witches he killed), and give his blood to Damon to cure him of the infection. He also finds a bit of humanity and love for Caroline and releases Tyler, her love, from a life of running, allowing him to return to Caroline. Meanwhile, Rebekah saves Matt from her ancient ex-boyfriend and vampire hunter, and they decide to go on a road trip to see the world now that he has graduated high school.

As the group finishes saying goodbye to their loved ones, Elena is attacked by a vengeful Katharine, who has failed to attain an immortality like the ancient Silas and is hellbent on killing Elena as penance. After a long and grueling fight, just as Katherine pierces Elena with her hand is about to pull her heart out, Elena grabs the cure, which Stefan refused to take from her, and forces it down Katherine’s throat, turning her into a powerless human and saving Elena’s life. Jeremy, prepared to return to the other side, is surprised that unlike everyone else who came back, he is still alive, and learns that Bonnie managed to bring him back for good. However, he learns that she is dead, and she asks him to keep this from the group until the end of summer. Able to communicate with the dead, Jeremy agrees reluctantly, and keep her secret while grieving for her.

The two most important parts of the finale come down to the original three stars. With the sire bond broken and her emotions back, Damon is surprised and happy to learn that Elena has chosen to be with him over Stefan, and the two are happily reunited in a loving embrace, (this was before the whole Katherine thing FYI). While not happy about losing Elena, he resigns that he is happy for Damon, and determines to leave Mystic Falls for good after getting rid of Silas in a bottomless lake in the town. Upon arriving however, Stefan finds that Silas has escaped, and the villain comes for Stefan, and reveals that in order to keep the balance of the universe, he created a doppelganger of himself, and as it turns out, his true form is that of Stefan, revealing that Stefan has been Silas’s doppelganger all along. Before he can escape, Silas stabs Stefan without killing him, throws him into a safe, and tosses him into the lake, leaving a broken and battered Stefan to starve and mummify like Silas did, and that is how the fourth season ends.

Filled with an emotional reunion among fallen friends, a great resolution to the romantic entanglements between Elena and the two vampire brothers, and a surprise twist that leaves the fate of one of the main vampires and the whole group in jeopardy, the season ended on a true high note, and fans will be eager to see how this new drama will unfold and resolve itself next season.

Beauty and the Beast: The season finale of the freshman drama found lovers Vincent and Catherine on the verge of living a normal life, with the medicine in Vincent’s system fighting the mutation and making him human once more. However, upon getting a call from her father, Cat sees her father pushed in front of a car, putting him into critical condition in the hospital. Convinced Muirfield is responsible, she enlists Vincent’s help, along with her partner at the Precinct Tess. Before she can return to check on her father however, she is abducted by Gabe, one of the first test subjects for Muirfield, after JT learns Gabe plans to kill Vincent to get a cure and destroys their lab equipment. Knowing Vincent will come for Cat, Gabe locks her in a lavish mansion estate, and tells Vincent to come or he will kill her.

During this time, Cat’s sister learns from the doctor that after running tests on the blood Cat donated for her father in case he needed a blood transfusion, they have learned that Cat is not her father’s biological daughter. Meanwhile, Vincent goes in search of Cat as his human self, and after busting her out of her cell, they come face to face with an uncontrollable Gabe, who has become the beast once more. Failing to fight Gabe without his own beast side, Vincent is on the verge of death, but Cat, after must discussion before hand, finds another dose of medicine, and injects it into Vincent, bringing back his beast side permanently. After an extensive fight, Gabe is about to kill Vincent when a helicopter arrives, and shoots Gabe dead. In the helicopter are Muirfield agents. Not wanting to loose everything, they capture Vincent, and an injured Cat must watch helplessly as Vincent is taken by the agents. Before one of them shoots Cat however, the lead agent stops him, and in the final moments of the shows first season, states that she is his daughter.

In the finale, fans get a good sense of where Cat and Vincent are in their relationship. We learn a new mystery into who Cat is, and the secrets about who she is and where she comes from becoming apparent as she is left in the dark once more. We see the resolution of the Gabe character, which is tragic yet leaves us glad Vincent is alive, and we get a good cliffhanger that will surely lead into the next season. The emotional roller coaster that actors Kristen Kruek and Jay Ryan take fans through during this show are superb, and the love story mixed in with intense action and deep mysteries is a must watch event that will have many fans happy that there is a second season approaching this fall.

Nikita: Finally but certainly not least, the third season of veteran spy thriller Nikita came this week, bringing about the most tense, action packed finale yet. After Amanda co-opts Nikita into killing the U.S. President by telling her that the nanite virus that killed many others is embedded in Michael’s carbonate hand, Nikita must flee from her suspecting friends and go on a mission to kill the President. After deducing from clues she left behind what she is intending, Michael and Alex find Nikita, and learn the truth after Birkhoff jams the signal. Convinced they can find a cure before she has to kill the President, Michael and Alex track down the scientist who founded the research, but before they can get him back to Division, he is killed by the nanite virus himself, leaving Michael without a cure.

Telling Nikita a lie and saying they have the cure, Nikita is in the white house, and tries instead of killing the President to warn her that members of her Secret Service are working for Amanda and the group known as the Shop. Instead of heeding her warning however, Nikita is shocked when the President picks up a gun and shoots herself in the head, committing suicide. Learning that she is being framed for murder, Nikita escapes from custody, and heads for Division, where Amanda has sent thirty ex-Division members to kill her friends. While they try to cure Michael by killing him and then bringing him back, the few people in Division must battle it out with the mercenaries. After taking a good amount of them down, the mercenaries seem to be getting the upper hand when Nikita arrives, and dispatches the killers easily. After an emotional scene where the group, including Nikita, thinks that her love Michael has died for good, he breathes deeply, and is brought back to life after being dead for nearly an hour.

After finally destroying the bunker Division was housed in, Nikita and company find a safe house and hide out while drawing up a plan to clear Nikita’s name. Featured on the news and the subject of a worldwide manhunt, Nikita is now a wanted woman and feels that she is a target painted on the backs of her friends heads. Meanwhile, Amanda and her partners reveal to the audience that the President of the United States is alive, and the woman who committed suicide was actually a replacement they had take her place after a summit. While everyone isn’t looking, Nikita decides to flee from her friends, leaving behind her wedding ring, in hopes of protecting her friends and her love Michael from the danger she poses to them. Watching an emotional Maggie Q. a.k.a. Nikita cry as she drives away and leaves behind the family she worked so hard to build is hard, because we felt the full sting of Amanda’s fury as the hero of this show is forced to become something she isn’t in the public eye, and inadvertently looses everyone she loves in the process; something most of us wouldn’t be able to handle. With a fourth season looming, this series is a must watch, and gave a great finale to an explosive third season.

Well, that is it for this years CW dramas. Filled with emotion, action, and drama that befits the stellar network, fans all over will look forward to the premieres this fall. Look for a special review of Family Guy’s finale on Fox tomorrow!

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Best Shows during Finale Season

Out of all of the awe-inspiring shows on television right now, the best of the best of the major networks is none other than the CW. Hosting a wide array of hit television shows, the network has produced some of the most action-packed, amazing character development, and surprise plot driven shows in the world. From vampires and werewolves to billionaire superheroes and secret spy organizations, the network knows how to pick great television and build fan bases that connect with the story and the characters of any given show.

First off, eighty percent of the shows current shows have officially been picked up, and some have even inspired spin-off shows for next year. Secondly, each show has given amazing content and well thought-out plots that entertain us all.

Each show has given fans something to talk about for weeks to come. Arrow, a show about a billionaire playboy who returns to his home after spending five years deserted on an island and vows to clean the streets of crime and corruption by utilizing his wealth and developed skills to become a vigilante, has built a well thought-out plot that has provided amazing twists and turns that no one could see coming, and even has created a unique love story that has your heart hoping for the best.

Supernatural, going on its ninth season next year, follows the famous Winchester brothers as they attempt to close the gates of Hell forever. Having to endure three trials, Sam and Dean fight demons, monsters, and even rogue angels in an attempt to save humanity from the creatures of the night. The emotion behind each brothers struggle to protect the innocent and save each other from impending doom and gloom is something to behold, and any fan of the show can attest to the amazing performances from the shows stars and combination of humor and horror that remind us all of the great show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Nikita is a great spy-thriller about a single woman who struggles to take down the corrupt black-ops teams, terrorists, and even some politicians and governments who threaten the peace of the world, all while trying to protect her friends and loved ones within her close circle. The action of the third season and the close examination of the relationships between Nikita and her crew as the evil Amanda tries to unravel our heroine is amazing, and no one can dispute the intense action and real-world grit and reality of the situations is something to behold, especially when the chase for the evil Amanda is close to its end.

The Vampire Diaries has given one of its best years to date, throwing leading lady Elena another curve ball by turning her into a vampire. Seeing her struggle with the change is unlike any we’ve seen with the other characters, as we’re able to get a first hand experience into the various changes, emotions, and trials of becoming one of the undead. Struggling with feelings for two different men hasn’t changed, but the drastic personality changes for Elena as she struggles to maintain her humanity while dealing with her deep emotional connections and have to continuously fight the Original family and a new foe named Silas, one of the deadliest immortals around, has been so character driven that it has even spawned a new series set in the same universe, based on the Originals, especially the enigmatic Klaus.

Beauty and the Beast is one of the surprise hits on the network, giving fans a unique love story and putting the classic character of the Beauty into a kick-ass cop who holds her own against a shadow group called Muirfield who experimented on soldier Vincent and turned him into a Beast. Having unique abilities that have put him on the run, the awesome plot of one woman’s struggle to find her mother’s killers and the subsequent conspiracy that she has become a part of and the love that has developed between Vincent and the Beauty, Cat, has given the hit show its niche, and is a must watch for fans of the CW.

Overall, the CW is the best network overall this season, giving great performances by fantastic actors and actresses, and some of the greatest stories told on television. While some of the amazing shows we all know and love are on different networks, only the CW has the great collection of shows that fans all over know and love all on one channel. With the finale week ahead of us, we here at On Request Magazine are proud to showcase this amazing network, and look forward to the new seasons of these hit shows and the new pilots next year.