YouTube Reviews: Taryn Southern

I know, it’s been a while, but I’m back with another round of YouTube reviews. This time around, I would like to put into the spotlight YouTube star Taryn Southern. A beautiful actress, musician, and comedian, the internet sensation does a fantastic job of blending the off-the-wall comedy genius with a lovely singing voice and a comedic step that never misses a beat.

From original comedy songs like “Google That Shit” to unique original comedy videos that deal with insane first dates, single life, and bowel movements, Taryn Southern can do it all, hitting every comedic hurdle that most would never be able to jump over. Whether you love her comedy, her music, or her love for pop culture, (i.e., superheroes, spongebob, and video games), this comedian is a must watch for YouTube fans everywhere. On top of her internet videos, Taryn can be seen on such hit shows as New Girl, American Dad, and Rules of Engagement, as well as hosting the Battle Arena for the hit new game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. No matter what, Taryn Southern can be found all around today’s pop culture media, and you will not be short of the laughs when you watch one of her projects. So if you have a few minutes, check out one of her videos, and be prepared to lose an hour of your time as you get caught up in her wide array of videos that have earned over 100 million views. Check out her link below!

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