Shows to Review for month of April

The Following: The last month of the hit Fox show The Following has been an epic one. Claire Matthews has spent the last four episodes of the show in captivity after she gave herself up to Joe and his Followers. While incarcerated at the mansion where the cult has gathered, Claire has been reunited with her son, and has been preparing him for the opportunity when they could run. Meanwhile, Joe has deluded himself into believing he can win the love of his wife back, and has gone on a downward spiral mentally as a result of her spurning his advances. With the tension rising in the mansion, the FBI began to close in their search for Joe and the cult.

Ryan, meanwhile, has been getting clued into one piece of the puzzle after another as they closed in the search around a small town where the mansion was located. From the tension between Roderick and Joe as a power struggle ensues, to the mounting horror as Joe Carrol’s total reach and domination over his followers is felt with constant attacks and looks into the cult as a whole. The drama, and intense plot twists combined with some of the best character developments in television currently has made the last episodes of The Following a must watch event, and with the season finale this Monday, every fan of the show is holding their breath to see how the final chapter of Joe Carrol’s insane and bloody novel will turn out. Will Ryan Hardy save Claire from Joe, or will he suffer another loss like he has most of his life? Tune in Monday to find out on Fox.

Nikita: The intense spy thriller has gotten so good this past month, with a deep focus on the shows titular character, Nikita, and her young partner, Alex. A web of deceit and surprising twists and turns has made everyone hate the seasons big villain, Amanda, former division leader turned rogue. While many believed the villain from the first two seasons, Percy, was truly twisted, the depths for which Amanda will go to ruin Nikita’s life knows no bounds, and has ruined the lives of everyone in Nikita’s new Division.

Revelations about what Amanda had done to Alex while she was captured showcase an intense emotional struggle for Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), who has had her mind messed with to cause her to rebel against Nikita and Division. Meanwhile, Nikita has slowly had everything stripped from her life, causing strife with her friends and loved ones. From having to cut off Michael’s hand to brainwashing Alex and forcing her to nearly destroy Division, and even erasing the Owen that Nikita knew and reawakening the man he used to be, which needless to say, was not a nice guy, Nikita has had a lot to deal with as she was captured herself, and had to learn about Alex’s brainwashing from Amanda as she was helpless to stop Alex from destroying Division.

The amazing character growth and emotion struggle from these two amazing actresses was great to watch, and you really felt for them as they struggled with their inner demons and the overwhelming task of trying to save as  many lives as possible. With only three episodes left, one can only hope Nikita and Alex, along with those remaining at Division, can find Amanda and stop her before she unleashes the contents of the black box.

Special shout out to shows Beauty and the Beast, Arrow, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries, along with spin-off Vampire Diaries show, The Originals, as they have all been officially picked up by the CW for next fall’s TV season. With some of the strongest character driven shows on television, the CW has gotten some amazing shows coming next year, and I personally cannot wait to see Klaus, Elijah, and the other Originals on the new show.

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