Best Actress in a Television Series

Now on to the next award. This year had some amazing performances from actresses on television, but one star of a well known series had one of their best years to date, and that was Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan on Dexter.  Although always a fan favorite, the amazing portrayal of Dexter’s sister who learns […]

Best Actor in a Television Series

2012 was a fantastic year for television. Between hilarious comedies like Californication and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, hard-hitting dramas such as Dexter and Homeland, and thought-provoking science fiction such as Fringe and The Vampire Diaries, the year in television has been amazing. For the first television award, we give out the Best Actor in […]

Most Anticipated Game of 2013

This upcoming year of 2013 is sure to have many hit titles in the gaming industry. Games such as Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, and many more. These games will showcase the ever changing landscape of the gaming industry, from new technologies to more complex and thought-provoking storytelling. Some […]

Best Female Performance in a Video Game

There were some amazing performances by female actors in the video game industry this past year, but only one can be the winner. And so the winner of the Best Female Performance in a Video Game is Mackenzie Mason as Cortana in Halo 4.  This was one of the best emotional performances of the year. […]

Best Male Performance in a Video Game

In order to feel the emotions of the characters in a video game, a company must find the perfect voice actors to give those characters the depth and voice that is needed. In an award winning year such as 2012, many performances were given by talented actors and actresses, but only one stood out. For […]

Best Score in a Video Game

Music is our specialty here at On Request magazine, and we believe music adds depth and emotion to the gaming experience. Whether you want fast-paced, heart-throbbing music to add to a scary or action oriented sequence, or you want an emotional ballad or heart-wrenching orchestra, music is a key part of the gaming experience. Therefore, […]

Character of the Year

The hit games of the past year have also produced some well written and well developed characters. From assassins from the American Revolution to heroes who hold the fate of the entire galaxy in their hands, this year was a roller coaster ride of emotions and action. However, among all the characters introduced and reintroduced […]

Best Game of the Year

There were many great cinematic games that were released this year. From concluding stories such as Assassins Creed 3 and Mass Effect 3 to new chapters in a continuing series such as Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II,  and hit arcade games such as The Walking Dead, this year held some of […]