Best Score in a Movie

Now to conclude the awards of 2012. As always, music is a key element in any entertainment venue. The musical scores from this years films were amazing, but one man’s musical vision helped deliver the emotional pull that the film needed, and that is why Hans Zimmer is this years winner of the Best Score in a Movie award for his score in The Dark Knight Rises.

Legendary composer Hans Zimmer is a visionary  and his musical score in the Dark Knight Rises was amazing. Not only did he capture the action and creepy tones set by Bane, but he captured the emotions as the citizens of Gotham fell and all hope dwindled away for Gotham and Batman as Bane inflicted as much damage as he could. Without the musical genius of Hans Zimmer, the film might not have had the impact that the film had on audiences everywhere,  and that is why he and the film are the winners of the last award, Best Score in a Movie of 2012. Thank you for reading our awards, and look for the awards in music soon. Thank you. 

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