Best Music on a TV Show

For the final award in television, we look to our specialty, and that is music. The music of a show, much like movies and games, sets the stage for the rest of the production. A great show will put on truly amazing music that captures the essence of the scene, and the truly amazing music will be embedded on the minds of the audience well after the episode has ended. That is why out of all the shows this year, the Best Music on a TV Show award goes to the CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

Between the original music that accompanies each emotional scene between main protagonist Elena and her two loves, brothers Damon and Stefan, and the adapted songs from today’s charts by some of the best artists in today’s world, The Vampire Diaries knows how to capture the attention of its audience and their hearts as well. Able to capture the youth of the audience watching the show and simultaneously tugging on the heartstrings of the audience as they watch these people face one problem after another, this show really managed to showcase the best music on television this year. Therefore, The Vampire Diaries is the winner of On Request Magazine’s Best Music on a TV Show award of 2012! 

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