Best Director of a Movie

The films of the past year would be nowhere without the amazing directing. The men and women behind the scenes really help guide the film. However, one film in particular has become a hit because of the amazing direction, and that is why this years winner of the On Request Magazine Best Director of a Movie award is legendary director Joss Whedon.

Director of Marvel’s The Avengers, the film was a huge success thanks to the direction of this visionary. A huge fan of the comics himself, Joss Whedon has brought to life a film that has set the bar for future comic book movies to come, and has given DC comics the need to bring together their own comic book team-up films. Thanks to this amazing director, the future of the movie industry has expanded and grown technologically. That is why Joss Whedon is this years On Request Magazine Best Director of a Movie in 2012 winner. 

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