Best Score in a Video Game

Music is our specialty here at On Request magazine, and we believe music adds depth and emotion to the gaming experience. Whether you want fast-paced, heart-throbbing music to add to a scary or action oriented sequence, or you want an emotional ballad or heart-wrenching orchestra, music is a key part of the gaming experience. Therefore, the award for best Score in a Video Game goes to Halo 4. 

The Halo series has always held some fantastic music. Composed and produced by British record producer Neil Davidge, the Halo 4 soundtrack not only captures the essence of the game accurately, but each track captures the emotions of the scene in the game being presented. When you are presented with a game where you see the emotional bond between two people and that relationship’s growth as time and events of the game take shape, the music that drives those scenes is crucial, and Halo 4’s score is the best score to do that this year, and therefore is On Request Magazine’s Best Score in a Video Game.

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