Best Male Performance in a Video Game

In order to feel the emotions of the characters in a video game, a company must find the perfect voice actors to give those characters the depth and voice that is needed. In an award winning year such as 2012, many performances were given by talented actors and actresses, but only one stood out. For the men, the Best Male Performance in a Video Game is Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett in the Walking Dead game.

Giving voice to a protagonist in a critically acclaimed series such as The Walking Dead is no easy feat, and yet Dave Fennoy seems to give a unique voice to Lee Everett, a convict who escapes in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, and must help protect a young girl who was left alone after her babysitter turned. Spanning five downloadable episodes, Dave Fennoy has become the voice of a beloved character, showcasing the emotional toll that comes with the zombie outbreak, much like the hit comic series and the hit television show on AMC, The Walking Dead. And because of his performances, Dave Fennoy is the breakout voice actor of the video game industry, and this years On Request Magazine Best Male Performance in a Video Game. 

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