Best Female Performance in a Video Game

There were some amazing performances by female actors in the video game industry this past year, but only one can be the winner. And so the winner of the Best Female Performance in a Video Game is Mackenzie Mason as Cortana in Halo 4. 

This was one of the best emotional performances of the year. Although the character of Cortana is an Artificial Intelligence in the game, the emotional depth that Mackenzie Mason brings is unparalleled. The urgency and sadness in her voice as Cortana faces her own demise and the deterioration of her mind tugs on the heartstrings as players go through this journey of rediscovery. Although players will have to learn of Cortana’s fate when playing the game, this performance by Mackenzie Mason was amazing, and one of the best voice-over performances I’ve ever seen, which is why Mackenzie Mason is this year’s On Request Magazine Best Female Performance in a Video Game award winner. 

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