Best Actress in a Television Series

Now on to the next award. This year had some amazing performances from actresses on television, but one star of a well known series had one of their best years to date, and that was Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan on Dexter. 

Although always a fan favorite, the amazing portrayal of Dexter’s sister who learns the adoptive brother she has begun to develop feelings for is a killer was fantastic. Showcasing the emotional depth she has always had and delving even deeper as her mind and moral compass become warped after learning the truth about who her brother really is, Jennifer Carpenter is as talented as she is lovely, and in truth, rather than focus primarily on Dexter as previous seasons had, we got to share this journey with both Dexter and Deb, and to see her point of view as she witnesses this darkness in her brother that she never knew existed was exhilarating and heart-stopping. This amazing year for Jennifer Carpenter is why we name her the Best Actress in a Television Series for the On Request Magazine Awards. 

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