Best Actor in a Television Series

2012 was a fantastic year for television. Between hilarious comedies like Californication and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, hard-hitting dramas such as Dexter and Homeland, and thought-provoking science fiction such as Fringe and The Vampire Diaries, the year in television has been amazing. For the first television award, we give out the Best Actor in a Television series award. The winner of this years award for On Request Magazine is Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan on Showtimes Dexter.

Although every season of Dexter has been nothing less than spectacular, Season 7 was one of the best seasons to date. After the cliff-hanger of a season finale last year, where, (spoiler alert), Deb found Dexter in the church as he killed the Doomsday Killer, Travis Marshall. The whirlwind journey that has taken Dexter towards the edge of his moral code this year was amazing to see, and to watch Michael C. Hall as he took Dexter and showed the fans the lengths he would go to protect himself and his sister, and the unnerving realization that his life as he knew it was over, and a new chapter in his life was just beginning was nothing short of award winning, which is why Michael C. Hall is this years On Request Magazine Best Actor in a Television Series. 

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