Dead Space 3 Preview

Terror is back to strike fear into your hearts. Video game fans will rejoice at the prospect of delving deeper into the mythology of the Dead Space franchise. In one week, the hit franchise returns with the release of the third game, Dead Space 3, and fans of the series are sure to be enthralled […]

MyMusic show review

The internet is quickly becoming the new avenue for entertainment. For years, aspiring actors and actresses, musicians and more have been flocking to the internet to post their original work, whether its viral videos, music videos, or more. However, in recent years, internet videos have taken on a much broader, wider scope, with such properties […]

Best Score in a Movie

Now to conclude the awards of 2012. As always, music is a key element in any entertainment venue. The musical scores from this years films were amazing, but one man’s musical vision helped deliver the emotional pull that the film needed, and that is why Hans Zimmer is this years winner of the Best Score […]

Best Director of a Movie

The films of the past year would be nowhere without the amazing directing. The men and women behind the scenes really help guide the film. However, one film in particular has become a hit because of the amazing direction, and that is why this years winner of the On Request Magazine Best Director of a […]

Best Actress in a Movie

The actors were great this year, but the actresses really did showcase their strength this year. Anne Hathaway’s portrayal as Selina Kyle, or Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises was spot on, showcasing the character perfectly while not making her just a sex symbol instead of a strong female character. And Emma Stone’s innocent portrayal […]

Best Actor in a Movie

There have been some truly amazing performances by actors this year in film, but one stood out among the others. The winner of the Best Actor in a Movie award is Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film The Dark Knight Rises. Portraying the hero who¬†stroked¬†fear into the hearts of Gotham’s criminals, the audience […]

Best Movie of 2012

The past year has held some of the best films in recent years. Whether it was the big blockbusters of the past summer that had you flocking to theaters or the thought-provoking thrillers that had you hanging onto the edge of your seat, 2012 was a great year for movies. With that in mind, this […]

Best Music on a TV Show

For the final award in television, we look to our specialty, and that is music. The music of a show, much like movies and games, sets the stage for the rest of the production. A great show will put on truly amazing music that captures the essence of the scene, and the truly amazing music […]

The Awards Continue: Best TV Show of 2012

Continuing the awards from On Request Magazine, we move now to the award for the Best TV Show of 2012. This past year held some amazing shows, including new seasons of old shows such as Homeland and Fringe, and new breakout shows such as Arrow and House of Lies. However, the show that stood out […]