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Dead Space 3 Preview

Terror is back to strike fear into your hearts. Video game fans will rejoice at the prospect of delving deeper into the mythology of the Dead Space franchise. In one week, the hit franchise returns with the release of the third game, Dead Space 3, and fans of the series are sure to be enthralled with the action-fueled story that EA games has brought in this new installment.

Fans are taken back into the role of Issac Clarke. Two months after he and his companion Ellie have escaped the Sprawl and the Necromorph menace that plagued the ship, they encounter John Carver, a survivor of a Necromorph incident on a distant planet called Uxor, and they discover an ice planet called Tau Volantis, where the icy ruins of a 200-year old civilization are found. When Issac learns that someone there was able to stop a Necromorph outbreak, Issac, John, and Ellie try to land on the planet, hoping to get answers. However, upon entering the planet’s atmosphere, the ship breaks apart, and Ellie gets separated from the rest of the group. From there, Issac vows to find and rescue Ellie while facing a new threat and fighting the physical and mental affects of the Marker, the ancient artifacts responsible for the Necromorph plague.

Adding even more action to the series, the franchise continues to thrill and scare the living crap out of the fans, showcasing new, skeletal foes that continue to come after you even when you think you’ve defeated them. Including new Kinect abilities that allow you to operate the game with your voice, and a new system of managing your weapons so that you can add new abilities and ammo types to your weapons, slicing and dicing the Necromorphs is ten times more fun and the nonstop pace of the game keeps players on the edge of their seat. Overall, Dead Space 3 gets a 10 out of 10, for keeping the thrills and chills of the series alive and thriving in this new adventure, which promises to continue the amazing mythology and story of the Dead Space franchise. Pick up your copy of the game on February 5th, 2013!

MyMusic show review

The internet is quickly becoming the new avenue for entertainment. For years, aspiring actors and actresses, musicians and more have been flocking to the internet to post their original work, whether its viral videos, music videos, or more. However, in recent years, internet videos have taken on a much broader, wider scope, with such properties as the Halo video game series and Battlestar Galactica bringing fourth original content and putting them on YouTube.

However, one channel has produced a truly unique series that showcases the raw talent and amazing writing that internet television has slowing become known to produce. That channel is MyMusic, an original series about a music company whose staff embodies a specific genre of music, and whose personalities seem to clash and get each other into various comic situations.

Created by YouTubers The Fine Brothers, the star studded cast of the show includes Adam Busch, (Men at Work, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), as Indie, the head of the company, whose style in music and life makes him the more obscure and obtuse of the group. Also rounding out the cast are stars Grace Helbig, (DailyGrace on YouTube), as Idol, the social media, pop loving social networking guru, Jarrett Sleeper as Metal, the angry, in your face family man, Chris Clowers and Tania Gunadi as Dubstep and Techno, Mychal Thompson as Hip-Hop, and Lainey Lipson and Jack Douglass as Scene and Intern 2. Each characters various passions and interests often clash in the office dynamic, but the problems always create hilarious, hijinks-ensuing situations that make for great television.

Filled with outrages comedy, special guest appearances from YouTube stars such as Shane Dawson and Ijustine, and comedy filled characters such as Bigfoot, Scarfman, and Metal’s 50’s housewife and their pop-driven  teenage daughter, MyMusic is a must watch internet sensation. It shows the power that internet entertainment is gaining as the technology continues to grow, and that quality entertainment is not restricted to movie theaters or television anymore. We here at On Request Magazine highly recommend that you check out this amazing, music fueled, pop-culture enhanced comedy series today.

Link to their channel:

Best Score in a Movie

Now to conclude the awards of 2012. As always, music is a key element in any entertainment venue. The musical scores from this years films were amazing, but one man’s musical vision helped deliver the emotional pull that the film needed, and that is why Hans Zimmer is this years winner of the Best Score in a Movie award for his score in The Dark Knight Rises.

Legendary composer Hans Zimmer is a visionary  and his musical score in the Dark Knight Rises was amazing. Not only did he capture the action and creepy tones set by Bane, but he captured the emotions as the citizens of Gotham fell and all hope dwindled away for Gotham and Batman as Bane inflicted as much damage as he could. Without the musical genius of Hans Zimmer, the film might not have had the impact that the film had on audiences everywhere,  and that is why he and the film are the winners of the last award, Best Score in a Movie of 2012. Thank you for reading our awards, and look for the awards in music soon. Thank you. 

Best Director of a Movie

The films of the past year would be nowhere without the amazing directing. The men and women behind the scenes really help guide the film. However, one film in particular has become a hit because of the amazing direction, and that is why this years winner of the On Request Magazine Best Director of a Movie award is legendary director Joss Whedon.

Director of Marvel’s The Avengers, the film was a huge success thanks to the direction of this visionary. A huge fan of the comics himself, Joss Whedon has brought to life a film that has set the bar for future comic book movies to come, and has given DC comics the need to bring together their own comic book team-up films. Thanks to this amazing director, the future of the movie industry has expanded and grown technologically. That is why Joss Whedon is this years On Request Magazine Best Director of a Movie in 2012 winner. 

Best Actress in a Movie

The actors were great this year, but the actresses really did showcase their strength this year. Anne Hathaway’s portrayal as Selina Kyle, or Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises was spot on, showcasing the character perfectly while not making her just a sex symbol instead of a strong female character. And Emma Stone’s innocent portrayal as Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spider-Man was amazing, capturing the essence of the character from the comics and putting it on film perfectly. However, it was the portrayal of a new character that really stood out to us this year, and that is why this year’s winner of On Request Magazine’s Best Actress in a Movie award is Noomi Rapace in the sci-fi thriller, Prometheus.

Taking place in the same universe as the Alien saga, Prometheus is a new story that tells of a science expedition to an alien world that they believe holds the secrets to the origins of the human race. Upon arriving on the alien world, the crew of the ship, including Noomi Rapace’s character, find hidden caverns and alien artifacts  but are soon attacked by parasitic creatures that begin to change the crew. Rapace’s emotional performance as her world shatters and she must ignore the scientific discoveries surrounding her as she tries to survive the alien threat is superb. To see this average woman have to survive such horrible circumstances and prevent the annihilation of the human race keeps audiences hanging onto the edge of their seat, and that is why Noomi Rapace is the winner of this years On Request Magazine Best Actress in a Movie award for 2012. 

Best Actor in a Movie

There have been some truly amazing performances by actors this year in film, but one stood out among the others. The winner of the Best Actor in a Movie award is Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film The Dark Knight Rises.

Portraying the hero who stroked fear into the hearts of Gotham’s criminals, the audience finds that eight years have passed since the Joker brought Gotham to the brink of destruction and Batman took the fall for the death of Harvey Dent and the murders Two-Face committed. Gotham is in a state of peace, and Batman has been gone, but when a terrorist going by the name of Bane appears in Gotham, Bruce Wayne finds he must once again don the cowl and become Batman. Facing a deadlier, more brutal enemy that knows no bounds, Batman must rediscover his roots and become the hero Gotham needs at it faces being plunged into darkness once more.

As the concluding chapter to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Christian Bale truly captures the emotions of Bruce Wayne as he struggles to find a life outside of the Batman persona, and must come face to face with his own mortality. Bale manages to showcase that even heroes are people too, and no matter how hard he tries, he cannot escape the past or the emotional grips that the past has on us all. This is truly Christian Bale’s best performance as Batman to date, and that is why he is On Request Magazine’s Best Actor in a Movie of 2012.

Best Movie of 2012

The past year has held some of the best films in recent years. Whether it was the big blockbusters of the past summer that had you flocking to theaters or the thought-provoking thrillers that had you hanging onto the edge of your seat, 2012 was a great year for movies. With that in mind, this years On Request Magazine Best Movie of 2012 winner is none other than Marvel’s The Avengers.

Bringing together all of the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel’s The Avengers tells the story of a world attacked by an invading force with technology and power beyond anything known to man. When the world is faced with destruction, Nick Fury, Director of S.H.E.I.L.D., brings together a unique group of heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. While trying to battle these forces and prevent the end of the world, this group of people must find a way to come together as a team and put aside their differing personalities and views on life before everything they love and hold dear is utterly destroyed. 

Truly the first of its kind, The Avengers is the first film to capture the essence of the comics, bringing forth the first superhero team-up to film. The cast is amazing, and they manage to bring to life these characters that fans have come to love since  the beginning of the Marvel universe. Director Joss Whedon is a living legend, and has done something truly amazing with this film. That is why Marvel’s The Avengers is On Request Magazine’s Best Movie of 2012. 

Best Music on a TV Show

For the final award in television, we look to our specialty, and that is music. The music of a show, much like movies and games, sets the stage for the rest of the production. A great show will put on truly amazing music that captures the essence of the scene, and the truly amazing music will be embedded on the minds of the audience well after the episode has ended. That is why out of all the shows this year, the Best Music on a TV Show award goes to the CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

Between the original music that accompanies each emotional scene between main protagonist Elena and her two loves, brothers Damon and Stefan, and the adapted songs from today’s charts by some of the best artists in today’s world, The Vampire Diaries knows how to capture the attention of its audience and their hearts as well. Able to capture the youth of the audience watching the show and simultaneously tugging on the heartstrings of the audience as they watch these people face one problem after another, this show really managed to showcase the best music on television this year. Therefore, The Vampire Diaries is the winner of On Request Magazine’s Best Music on a TV Show award of 2012! 

The Awards Continue: Best TV Show of 2012

Continuing the awards from On Request Magazine, we move now to the award for the Best TV Show of 2012. This past year held some amazing shows, including new seasons of old shows such as Homeland and Fringe, and new breakout shows such as Arrow and House of Lies. However, the show that stood out among the others this year was none other than Showtime’s Dexter.

Not only were the performance from the show’s lead actors, Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan and Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan, his sister, amazing, but the delivery by the shows other stars and the amazing guest stars that Dexter faced such as Ray Stevenson as a mobster or Yyvonne Strahovski as a young woman who was an accomplice to a serial killer on a murderous love streak when she was a teenager. Not only were the performances amazing, but the story that blossomed as the rules of the show changed and Deb became aware of her brother’s dark passenger was superb, and the tempo of the show kept audiences on the edge of their seats every episode. The exemplary 7th season of Dexter is why it is On Request Magazine’s Best TV Show of 2012.