The Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Review

I know this game came out a long time ago, but with this moving business still going on, I haven’t had the time to put it up until now, so enjoy the review!
One thing that has always been a sore subject among gamers in the video game world has been the games made to tie into video games. Not to say that the games haven’t been good, but there has just not been any visually stunning, action-packed, story-driven games that directly tie into the films they are tied to. However, that all changed with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man: The Video Game. With the game’s story taking place after the events of the film, Spider-Man video game experts Beenox took the reigns of the character once again, delivering an epic tale that delves deeper into the reimagining of famous Marvel characters, and the troubled and strained relationship between Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey, and Dr. Curt Conners.
The game follows Spider-Man, after his true love Gwen Stacey is infected with a more advanced stage of the same virus that turned Curt Conners into the Lizard. With the city quickly falling to the same illnesses, turning them into monstrous creatures, Spider-Man must search for the help of Curt Conners in order to stop the virus from spreading and to cure Gwen, before she becomes a monster herself. However, that will prove difficult when mutated creatures such as The Rhino, The Iguana, and Scorpion roam the streets, and the latest head scientist of Oscorp, Allistair Smythe, is determined to eliminate the virus himself, believing the only way to stop it is with his advanced nanobots that kill the host as well as the parasite. Spider-Man must face the creatures roaming the city and Smythe’s killer machines in order to find the cure to save the city and his love.
One of the more interesting additions to the famous open-world format of the movie tie-in games of Spider-Man is the new “web-rush” mode, which allows the player to slow down time, pick a spot in the environment or an enemy to hook a web to, and then release the hold, allowing Spider-Man to rush towards the spot you picked out. This new mechanic kept the game fresh and exciting throughout the whole process. Besides that, the new angle of the camera allowed players to actually feel like they were webslinging through Manhatten, and the sheer amount of action, story, and collectibles allowed for hours of gameplay. With stunning visual effects that stayed true to comic book artists and lore within the Marvel Universe while delivering an original tale set within the film universe, The Amazing Spider-Man: The Video Game, was a truly great video-game tie-in to the film, and serves as a great companion to the gamers out there who headed out to see the film this week. Look for our movie review on our website, On Request Magazine, but as for the game, we give it an A-, for it was fun, unique, and stayed true to the format set out by the film’s director, Marc Webb. We hope the future Spider-Man games are equally enjoyable, and commend Beenox on a great title. 

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