Inspiration of the Week: Fringe

With the recent move my family and I went through to get back to California, we have not been able to get caught up on most of the shows we enjoy. Just recently, I was able to get caught up on the fourth season of Fringe. While I won’t divulge any plot details, I have to say, the direction they went this season and the mind-blowing science fiction integrated into the final episodes was truly breathtaking. The character development of Ann Torv’s Olivia Dunham and faux-Olivia was amazing, and the ever emotional Dr. Walter Bishop, played by John Noble, was simply great. His blend of humorous and witty remarks during an autopsy, combined with his emotional toll that is placed on him due to his relationship with his son Peter and the toll his time in the mental hospital makes for one of the most remarkable performances in television today. This character development and scientific story telling makes for amazing television and a great inspiration for creative writers everywhere. 

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