Splinter Cell: Blacklist Preview

Sam Fisher is back. The creative talents of Tom Clancy has brought a new chapter into the Sam Fisher tale. Terrorists have threatened the United States if the U.S. soldiers don’t leave their country, and the President has asked for Sam Fisher’s help. Working with a shadow group known as Third Echelon, Sam is given a blacklist of names of people whom he must seek out and eliminate in order to stop these terrorists. A third-person shooter, this game allows Sam to find creative ways of killing his targets, from scaling rock walls to even utilizing the Kinect to give out voice commands, like luring a foe away from his spot by shouting out “Hey You” into the Kinect. Now the leader of Third Echelon, you can use the voice commands to direct your team and resources at a group of enemies and complete different actions. The game will be out Spring 2013.

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