Beyond Preview

Looking for an immersible, in-depth story to drive you for hours and hours as you lose yourself inside the gaming world? Then look no further than the latest game from the creators of Heavy Rain, Beyond. Following the story of a young girl over the span of 15 years, players are given control of young Jodie, a woman who discovers a supernatural entity that is attached to her, and who must navigate through life as forces begin to hunt her down. How does a young woman learn to become the woman she is meant to be when some paranormal activity is constantly surrounding her. As if this plot and the action-packed trailer that showcased the stunning graphics wasn’t enough to whet your appetites, then maybe the actor portraying Jodie will. Jodie will be played by none other than Ellen Page, star of such movies as Juno and Inception. This game was one of the biggest surprises and most pleasantly visual games showcased at Sony’s press conference, and we cannot wait to see what more this game will bring fans. Look for this game next year, 2013. 

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