Lost Planet 3 Preview

The newest game to be shown at E3 2012 is Lost Planet 3, a third-person shoot that is the third game in the trilogy. In the demo, your characters rig is frozen on the frozen planet E.D.N. III, and you must shoot off all the ice to free the rig. Once free, you must use this giant mech to fight your way through the level against ferocious enemies. Just a construction worker, Jim is forced to learn how to fight and survive on this hostile planet, while he becomes wrapped up in the plot of the story, turning him into a hero he never intended to be. Because it takes place in the 21st century, much of the weaponry will be more realistic based on today’s weapons, rather than futuristic, laser type of guns, despite the sci-fi element of the game. Look for the game early 2013. 

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