Far Cry 3 Preview

One of the bloodiest, most talked about games of E3, Far Cry 3 explores the human mind as we meet Jason, who is kidnapped and nearly killed by a ruthless madman named Voss. Left to die, Jason heals and is trained to be a warrior strong enough to lead the fight against Voss and his blood-thirsty crew. The game showcases how easy it is to become just as mad as the madman your pitted against when your pushed to your limits. Full of bloody kills, rich culture, an amazing environment that shows the brutality that nature can exhibit when its pushed by the fringes of human development. You can take a more stealthy approach to your gameplay, but you can also go in guns blazing and kill everyone in your path. You also have to survive in this harsh island environment, and must go out and hunt down animals, build shelters and fires, and defend your camp. This is one of the best aspects is the inclusion of a second game in Far Cry 3, when you are able to go into the shoes of four people on another island pushed to their limit for 4-player Co-Op. The game comes out this September! 

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