Day 2: The Stand-Outs

Day 2 definetely showcased more of the Nintendo U. While most of the games presented did come with the Wii U, a lot of Day 2 consisted of games already presented yesterday during the other presentations, so today’s standout is the Wii U and its games.

The Wii U: A new console device for Nintendo, the Wii U is a handheld controller that has a built in screen to use when the television is unable to be accessed. It also has a motion sensor and built in microphone and camera for easy usability when talking with friends in the Miiverse, a new social way to keep up with all of your friends in the Nintendo network. Also, the game that stood out the most was Zombie U, an intense horror/survival game that used the Wii U as a motion sensor to navigate through the apocalyptic world. Another great innovation is to the game itself, where if you die as a survivor, you are put into the shoes of another survivor, who must pick up where the previous survivor left off. These two great reveals were the best of E3 Day 2 2012. Look for us again tomorrow afternoon when Day 3 resumes.

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