Darksiders II Preview

Death has arrived; literally. After 2010’s hit game Darksiders, which followed the horseman War as he fought to uncover who set him up as the one who unleashed of the apocalypse, Darksiders II has arrived. Death goes on a journey to learn who imprisoned his brother, War, and why. A powerful third-person action/adventure platformer, Darksiders II is an true artistic approach to the end of times, following the top horseman as he searches for answers to what has exactly happened. In the demo, Death goes in search of a being who has all the answers to every question, when he is confronted by a sight he never expected, War. Thought to be imprisoned, Death must fight his brother in a bloody battle that pits the heroes of both games against one another. Another great addition for fans is the ability to have Death’s horse available from the start of the game. Darksiders II will be available on August 14th on every console and PC. 

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