Nintendo: Ubisoft Games

With the creation of the Wii U, Ubisoft has developed multiple games for various players. This includes:

Just Dance 4: Allows you to change the stats and gameplay with the Wii U as you are dancing within the game, reflecting back onto the television screen.

Zombie U: The newest horror game for the new Wii U, Zombie U showcases your ability to use the motion controls of the Wii U to move your player’s first person shooter experience in real time. Fight off the undead horde as your character survives in this apocalytpic world. Using the Wii U, you get live stats and true scares, and can even use the camera in the Wii U to zombify yourself.

Assassins Creed 3: One of the heavy hitters from Ubisoft, this game will be available on the Wii U, as well as Rayman Legends, Sports Connection, Avengers: Battle for Earth, and many more.

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