Nintendo: NintendoLand

Exclusive for Wii U, this new game brings the franchises from Nintendo and puts them into a new theme park exclusively for the Wii U. The attractions are directly based on the characters and games of Nintendo. Your Mii character will interact with the rides and attractions. Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda, and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion are among those properties in the game, as well as Donkey Kong, which will allow you to use the Wii U to knock down targets with throwing stars. Will also integrate Miiverse into the game. With multiplayer, the demo of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion showcased how the Wii U allows you to see the other players and the ghosts, while the regular TV does not show this. You can use your flashlight to take out the ghosts, but if you are attacked by a ghost, you will faint and be unable to play. However, you can have your teammate revive you by having their flashlight highlight your Mii. 

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