Nintendo Conference:Wii U

The conference has begun folks. First up from the Nintendo is the introduction of the Wii U. With this controller, gamers will have their own dedicated screen for gaming on the controller. You can also connect the Wii U to the television for additional gameplay, but if the TV is in use for other purposes, you will have ability to play on the Wii U itself. Also introduced in this segment is PIKMIN 3. Ten years after the first game arrived on GameCube, PIKMIN 3 is an action/adventure game, bringing new enemies, new characters, and new gameplay thanks to the Wii U. You can also use the Nintendo Nun chuck to get more precise aim and strategy. You can use the Wii U to check all stats on the four leaders of your pack of PIKMIN. You can also watch your performance through a level again and again on your television using the Wii U. 

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