Hitman: Absolution Preview

Agent 47 is back. That’s right, one of the original video game assassins is returning as his  one time handler, Diana, is now his target as he has been given a contract on the life of his only contact with the real world. Using stealth, disguise, and bad-ass kill moves, Agent 47 must cut a bloody swath through each level as he must carry out his assignments and discover the ultimate plot driving his actions. Whether you prefer to kill your targets quietly, making it look like an accident, or you like to go in guns blazing, scaring everyone around you and making sure every enemy knows your there, and you’re going to kill them, Hitman: Absolution is sure to be a mega hit. Using your special skills and abilities to anticipate where your enemies will walk, and what the best ways to kill are, this game is quickly becoming one of the most well thought out, in-depth game of E3 2012. 

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