Best of E3 2012: Day 1

Today we saw a lot of great trailers, gameplay, and previews at E3. Seeing conferences from Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, EA, and more, the first day was jam packed with new games and returning heroes. After all this information, here are the top games showcased at Day 1 of E3 2012.

Spoilers for those who want to see the trailers fresh or who don’t know the storys of the previous titles! 

1) Assassins Creed 3: This was by far the most immersion, entertaining, and visually stunning game showcased on Day 1. The fifth game in the franchise, Assassins Creed 3 showcased the amazing story of the game, set against the backdrop of the American Revolution. The newest assassin, Conner, is a half American, half-Mohawk man who searches out those who the people of his village, the Templar’s. Determined to stand for justice and freedom, Conner utilizes the newest weaponry and the ongoing battle between American rebels and British forces to seek out the Templar’s, including new Tomahawk and bow and arrow weapons and a new fighting mode, with the battle at sea option to lead an entire boat and crew out to sea to battle your enemies.

2) Halo 4: The return of Master Chief is one of the better stories to come out of E3. After the cliff-hanging conclusion to the original Halo trilogy, we return to find Master Chief and Cortana stranded on an alien planet, facing a new enemy and discovering the secrets of the forerunners. The demo and trailer at E3 showcased not only the amazing cinematic trailer and the return of human allies by unknown means, but the new alien threat, which managed to take out hostile Covenenant forces in the blink of an eye. After managing to kill this new enemy, Master Chief picked up a new disintegration weapon based on state-of-the-art Forerunner technology. Who is this new enemy? What is this planet, and how does it tie into the mythology of the Forerunners, the civilization that created the Halo rings to destroy the Flood and consequentially, all organic life? Only time will tell, but we will find out this holiday season.

3) Dead Space 3: It is no secret that I love the horror genre. One of the creepiest, most heart-pounding games to come out in recent years has been Dead Space. After Dead Space 2, fans were left wondering what the ultimate fate of hero Issac Clarke was, considering his mind had been experiencing hallucinations and his body was scarred from constant battle with the undead horde of the Necromorphs. Well, in this new trailer, fans learn that Issac Clarke is back. Stranded on an icy planet full of new Necromorphs, Issac goes in search of his companion from the second game, Ellie, and teams up with newcomer John Carver for newly formed, Drop-In, Drop-Out gameplay. 

4) Resident Evil 6: One of the most anticipated titles in years, Resident Evil 6 follows the story of three characters; Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, and newcomer the Mysterious Mercenary. The trailer shown showcased Leon, and his battle to survive as the undead zombies surround him and his partner. As the city crumbles around them, Leon and Co. must survive and make their way to safety as one by one new foes make their way towards them, hoping to eat their flesh.

5) Beyond: Two Souls: Although not much is known about the new game by the developers of Heavy Rain, here is what is known based on the trailer. One, Ellen Page is the voice of main character Jodie. Two, an unknown supernatural entity surrounds her, as shown with the coffee cup on the table in front of her flying on its own across the room she sits in. Three, unknown forces, whether its police or some shadow group, is after her, and they believe they need some serious firepower to take her down, dead or alive. We cannot wait to see where this game goes from here, and when we will be able to get out hands on it. 

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